Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Neatest Feeling

I'm sitting in my classroom entering grades. The students left about 25 minutes ago and I'm all alone.
But then my baby kicks me. And I'm realizing, I'm actually not alone. There's another heartbeat in this room.
She's at the moment kicking me in two places. I'm imagining that she's upside down and her hands are pushing out below my belly button and her feet are kicking me under my boobs. She's trying her 'Kraw Ma-Ga" (or however you spell that) out on me.
I swear you guys, this is the coolest feeling.


PJ said...

Baby movement is the BEST thing about pregnancy! I'm so fascinated with mine!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Ahh yes, best feeling in the world. You make me miss it.


feeing a real live naked baby on your skin is a pretty great feeling, too.

Youll be there soon.

Amber said...

I am getting so eager to feel "real" movement that I can't stand it. These tiny little moments of "was that the baby or gas?" are making me crazy! Thanks for reminding me how much it's all worth it!