Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I choose Optimisim

I haven't posted much lately, because frankly there isn't much to post about. DH and I are feeling much more positive about our appointments tomorrow and Friday. This baby is an answer to prayer and no matter what the outcome, she is the baby we are meant to have, so we're really excited to see what the Lord has in store for her and us. Also, being postive is much more enjoyable than being sad.
That beings said, yesterday evening was tough. I am in the midst of so many changes in life (my uncle is really sick, one of my good friends is really sick, I have been laid off from my teaching job next year, plus the baby's head issue...) that I got kinda down on myself. I was at band practice for church last night and driving home, I was just so frustrated.
How awesome is my DH? I got home and he was working on a home improvement project. He asked what I needed and I replied a diet coke, so off to mcd.onalds we went (it's still weird not having soda in the house these days, but besides my lapse last night, there has been very little diet coke in my life these last few months...the things we do for babies!). Well I think the baby liked the splash of diet coke (and a vanilla cone) because I only got up one time to go to the bathroom last night.
For those of you in late pregnancy, you can appriciate how spectacular that is. I slept for almost 4 hours without getting up to urinate. I have so much more energy this morning and I'm so much more full of optimisim! I haven't slept well for a week or so, and ... well, I now can say I have an idea of how much sleep really matters, which of course scares me for the journey to come of breast feeding in the middle of the night. Yikes! A journey I'm glad to take, but well aware of how hard it will be to not sleep for long periods of time.

And then tonight is our first prepared childbirth class at the hospital. I am really excited, but I think it's funny that we have to bring a blanket and pillows. I'm flashing to the scene in the movie school where the pregnant teenager makes her teacher go to lamaze with her and they carry in all the pillows. Random, but that's in my head.

At least I get to take tomorrow and Friday off from work for these appointments. Keep those prayers coming, and thank you for those of you who have been thinking of us and our little one. I'll update when i know more. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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Paula Keller said...

I'm sorry about being laid off next year. That's happening all over guess. We are going to be a bare bones school next year, and I don't know how we'll function.

How exciting to be going to your first class though! I can't wait for ours!

OMG sleeping for 4 hours would be fantastic! I'm up every 2-3 hours.

You'll get through this.