Sunday, March 14, 2010

33 Weeks

Yesterday I was asked if I'm getting nervous about labor.
My truthful answer: No.
Then I thought, shouldn't I be getting nervous? And really my answer is No. Then I realized why. I'm just now getting used to the idea that there will actually be a baby in my arms very soon (Lord Willing of course), and my nervousness that something will happen is finally decreasing, so for me to be worried about birth...ha.
Now, I realized I just laughed at the birthing process. That is not my intention. I am not taking birthing lightly, I have a general idea of what I hope will happen and many all-to-realistic ideas of what could possibly happen, but since I haven't been through it, I don't know what to worry about, so for birth, ... I'm not ready to worry about it yet. Just thrilled to be 33 weeks with child.

But the has commenced. Friday I noticed my feet were swollen. Today, my hands were swollen...When did you ladies start swelling or did you manage to avoid it?

Also, My dad bought us the crib we registered for at BRU and Dh put it together on Friday. Yup, we are getting close. This is starting to feel real! I even practiced swaddling my old cabag.e patch doll (Freddie 2 is his legal name) because...this is real!

Am I in disbelief? Yes, I think I am. My mom and SIL are throwing me a shower on the 28th of March. That date used to feel so far away, but's coming!

Tomorrow is my next Dr. appointment, every two weeks, here they come!

Take care ladies!

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Lisa said...

I didn't get nervous about birth until my water broke. It's just something you will have to go through so there is no reason to get nervous. But, I completely freaked out in the hospital and my nurse had to give me a double shot of anxiety meds!