Tuesday, March 2, 2010

31 weeks

Yesterday I had another OB checkup. We waited for an hour for a 3 minute visit. But as my husband reminded me, that means everything is looking good.
We got all the test results back and I'm negative for all indicators of pre-eclampsia. My BP was the exact same, 129/82. Which could be better, but it's not the scary 150/98 it was a few appointments ago. (hence all the pre-eclampsia testing).
However I'm measuring big (again) and Dr. Tata's is sending me for another ultrasound this week. I suppose it's good to keep tabs on the size of the baby, (I do have to push her out after all) but I just had an ultrasound to check if there was a problem since I was measuring big and there wasn't. I'm just measuring big (due to my previously existing belly fluff/fat).
So it's a good thing that I'll get to see her again, I feel like I'm in the stone ages, going to a practice that doesn't have access to ultrasounds in the office. Is that weird or is that just me? So I will see an ultrasound tech on Thursday (and I have to take a day off to do that since they schedule their appoinments in the morning).
Then next week I'm meeting with the dermatoligist, but the ring-worm-esk looking things are better, so I almost wonder if I still need to keep that appointment and a 30 dollar co-pay. Thoughts?
Then it seems that we're entering the 2 week appointment window. My next appointment with the Dr. is March 15th. It's crazy that this is coming up so soon.
So Praise Jesus that all is looking well, and I'm at t-minus 9 weeks and counting for this little one. Amen!


Mel said...

Really?! Only 9 weeks left?! Where has the time gone? I'm so happy that everything is looking good for you and baby.

I'm sure you've heard it a million times already, but take advantage of every spare moment you get to rest. :)

Lisa said...

Great update!

My doctor had a horrible portable ultrasound machine that you could see the heartbeat on, but he sent me elsewhere for regular ultrasounds. I thought it was odd, too, but maybe it's not.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I cant believe youre in the single digits of weeks until she arrives! Ahh, I can remember exactly how that felt. Enjoy these last weeks, pretty soon every bit of your life will be different. In a amazingly-perfect-long-time-coming-unbelievable way!!

Gabby said...

SOOO excited for you! I'm still following, just not able to comments much as I'm reading on my reader that downloads but isn't connected. I'm back connected now!

It's great to be big - i am sure thats a fine sign. Eager to hear what the ultrasound says.. getting close now!