Thursday, May 31, 2012


Let's get controversial.
Actually scratch that.  I just want to know what works for your families without being mean to each other.
Here's my sitch: (that's short for situation)
Macie is 2.  Macie will be playing with something (the light switch, kicking the drivers seat in the car, a doll, anything).  I ask her to stop.  She doesn't stop, she gets time out.  I generally put her in the hallway for 2 minutes, on her bottom.  She is silent.  Just waits.  When I come and get her after 2 mintues, I try to talk to her about what happened.  She says "sorry momma".  We hug.
5 minutes later, she does something else she shouldn't do.  More Timeout.  More 'sorry momma'.
Now, obviously she doesn't understand 'sorry' fully.  But she doesn't mind time out.  Today I used a specific chair that is her size and called it the 'naughty' stool.  She loved it. 
As she was about to earn her third time out she said "Macie time out?"  I asked her, "do you like time out?" she very sweetly and innocently said "yeah, macie like-a-time out". 
Um.  Where do we go from here?  I'm not opposed to spanking, but not for something like playing with the lights.  I'm thinking that is saved for if she does something like run into the street. 
Do any of you do a marble jar?  Or a star chart?  Or happy faces?  Is she too young?
What do you do for discipline?


WantWait&Pray said...

By NO means an mom's just have to find what works for us and go with it. My twins turned 2 a week ago and I have an 8 month old to add to the fun! Between the 8 month old who is grab grab grabbing at everything and two busy whole day could be "No, don't touch that, don't play with that, put that down, etc". Soo..instead of saying "No No No" all day, I try to keep them in an evironment where they can explore without having to worry about anything. I remember reading that you should also choose your battles. Are they at an age where they test? Yes! Are they chosing to be defiant? Yes! But they are testing their limits, and our's the age. So instead of a consistent game of "No, No, No and after 3 No's into timeout" we use timeouts for bigger things and try no and redirection for smaller things. Big things like: biting, hitting, tantrums, throwing toys, taking toys from each other or their baby sister. Those would warrent an immediate time out or a warning and a timeout if they didn't listen the first time around. Little things I ask them to stop doing and if they don't, we try redirecting would be a fit over not wanting to wear something or eat something, etc.
You just gotta stay consistent, pick what works for you and stay with it. It's quite a ride having little 2 year olds, we're learning fast. But they are SO much fun and can be a monster and cry their eye's out one minute and complete angels the next. They are just emotional and developing faster than their little minds can keep up!

PJ said...

I like what want, etc said about choosing your battles. I would like to say that for the record, I am very good at disciplining 20 2nd graders in a classroom, but my own 2 year olds notsomuch.

Maybe try the 123 magic Books. Also, I just bought the happiest toddler on the block. I'll let you know if that solves our myriad of twin discipline issues. Haha! Sigh.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm going to send you an email. :)