Thursday, May 10, 2012

Macie is 2!

 Someone around here had her second birthday on Monday. 

 She's the apple of my eye, and has the glasses to boot. 
And before I get into the post, I really want to remember that I actually made this cake.  Poor Penny had to be in her swing for just a few hours (which she was asleep most of the time for) so I could make this cake.  It took me longer than anticipated.  There was no party theme (it was just a family party this year, Dh's family and my family, done.) but Macie is so into Mic.key Mouse clubhouse that I thought a Mickey cake would go over well, and it did.

 It was far from perfect, but it tasted delicious and I think looked pretty cute.  Then, I asked my mom to make these oreo/chocolate cookies.  I saw them on pintrest and she went to town!  Aren't they adorable?  Thank you Nana!

 My favorite part of the party was that this is the first time Macie figured out what presents were and that she can open them by herself.  Although then the hard part was her opening something, only to have it taken away so she can open something else!  She only had about 7 presents to open, I'm imagining if we'd invited everyone like last year!  That may have been overwhelming to open so many presents.  It was just so much fun to have her enjoying herself.
Yesterday was her 2 year old Dr. appointment.  Her stats are weigth: 32.4 pounds (95%).  Height, 36.5 inches (96%).  All molars are coming in nicely, she speaks really well (for a two year old).  We talked about Potty training (coming soon!).  The Dr. watched her walk and said she's doing great.  Overall, I praise the Lord for this little girl and the good health she has experienced these past two years.  I pray it continues and that her little sister has the same.
We went to the zoo a few saturday's ago.  How precious is this Daddy picture!
 And of course, being a big sister is kind of a big deal.  Macie and Penelope are doing well.  So far I haven't noticed any jealousy by Macie, just normal two year old stuff.  I just love these girls so much!  I'm so grateful to have them. 
This is what we've been up to.  Things are getting better (my last  post was long!) and I'm feeling like we're getting a bit of a routine.  One thing that is hard to do is look at pictures, so I haven't printed any pictures out in a while.  I need to get on that. How often do you all actually go and print out the pictures?  Or are you like me and they sit on your computer forever?!


Deanna said...

Happy birthday to Macie! You have two beautiful daughters. :)

Ashley said...

She is such a cutie! Happy birthday Macie!

I Believe in Miracles said...


Your cake was absolutely impressive! Especially with 2 kids around...

Love, absolutely LOVE the pictures of the 2 of them in the crib. Makes me so happy.

Happy happy Birthday Macie!