Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 months etc.

We had Penny's 2 month exam and everything looked great!  She's 11 lbs 6 oz, 23 inches and doing well.  It's hard to imagine that her sister was 24 1/2 inches and 13 lbs 7 oz at the same appointment.  I do think Penny will catch up, it's just that she had further to grow (starting almost a pound smaller and loosing all that weight). 
We've been getting the hang of having 2 kids around here.  Things have changed for the better for sure.  In fact, last night Penny slept from 9:30 until 4 AM (I got up and re-swaddled her) and then from 4 to 7AM.  People, are you reading that?!  She slept almost 10 hours.  And that is the 3rd time she's done that.  It's fantastic.  I feel human again.  I really forgot how bad no sleep is.  For those of you who haven't slept since 2009, I can only imagine the pain you're in. 
Typically Penny eats around 8am and I try to feed her sister around 7:30, because if I'm feeding Penny while Macie is eating on her own, my cleanup factor jumps 3-fold.  Then Macie has a snack around 10, Penny eats at 11 and Macie and I eat lunch around noon.  Macie naps from about 1-3, Penny eats at 2.  Macie has a snack around 4 (depending on what time dinner will be), Penny eats at 5, and we eat somewhere around 6.  Bathtime all around by about 7:30 and then we read to Macie while Penny is eating again at 8.  Macie to bed around 8:15 (we try for earlier...) and Penny when she's finished eating, which could be around 9. 
One of you bloggers wrote an awesome comment that I'm going to butcher, but it goes like this:
What did I do today?
1.  Got up
2.  Survived
3.  Went to sleep.

I feel like mine should be:
1. Got up
2. Fed everyone
3.  Went to sleep.

That's what we're up to.  How about you?


I Believe in Miracles said...

It looks like your getting on a great schedule! And it sounds like everyone is doing great. What an awesome update!

Becca said...

I'm the one who wrote that comment about get up, survive, go to sleep. I'm glad that you could relate to it :)

Funny thing is.. It took me about 6 or 7 tries between my iPhone and our laptop to write that comment, I almost gave up and went on to something else, but I figured that if the devil was trying to keep me from writing it THAT bad, then it must've been important to you somehow.. So I drudged on until it would finally let me post it :)

It sounds like your new routine with 2 babies is ticking right along though!! Good to hear!