Thursday, June 21, 2012


 Summer is Here!  It's been tremendous.  We're busy, busy, and I'm really enjoying it.  We recently renewed our D.isneyland Passes and it may be the last time for a few years.  We'll see.  They raised the prices so that it costs a LOT to go regularly.  This year was fine, becuase both girls are still free.  But next year we'll have to buy 3 (kids 2 and under are free), and the pass we usually buy was just raised to 499.  That doesn't even let you in all the time, but as teachers, it lets you have most weekends.  So while there are cheaper options, we still find this to be the best bet for us.  But I digress...we've been going often.  It's a great way to spend a couple hours and keep Macie entertained. 
Below, Chip (or is it Dale?) said hi to Penny on her first visit.
 Then, Macie was able to say hi to Goofy.  She thinks he's pretty funny.  I personally could do without Goofy, but that's okay.  I'll get over his goofy-ness.
 For Father day, my mommy's Bible study group from church went to a woodworking factory and did a craft for him.  The picture looks great, but Penny was crying almost the whole time, and then Macie was difficult to stop from painting everywhere.  But I think the final product came out pretty good and it was fun to give her daddy this frame on Fathers day (he also got a new Bible, as most of Exodus and Leviticus fell out of his old one - which is a cool thing when your Bible is so used you have to get another one...). 
 We've also been on vacation for a few days.  We went to the Hunting.ton Beach Hyat.t.  It's a great way to vacation here in Southern California, because it's like going to a tropical resort, but without any driving or flying hassles.  (we live about 45 minutes from the beach.).  We paid extra to have a room with two rooms, and that was perfect.  macie slept on the couch and Penny slept with us.  Also, my mom stayed in a room next door (her idea) and at night Dh and I got to go to the spa, and out to was a pretty suite set up.  But that's already come and gone.  Oh Hyatt, we'll see you next year. 
                                                                                   Here we have Penny at the nursing station in Disneyla.nd (they have a fantatistic Baby care center), just being generally cute.
                                                                                 And on Mother's Day we have Penelope dedicated at church.  It was cool, there are a tremendous amount of families with little children.  Before we had our first, it was the kind of thing that would sting my heart a little bit, so I didn't take one minute of it for granted.  We had some good friends also dedicating their children.

 Told you it was a big crowd.  And if the stage looks funny, it was on purpose.  We were doing a series called "Faith like Country" and we tried to replicate the grand ol. opry on stage.  It actually looked really good.  And just to toot God's horn a little bit, this is the same church that Dh and I got to help start just 4 years ago.  There are almost 800 people who come regularly.  Can you believe it?!  That kind of growth in 8 years is really cool.

That's just a sampling of what we've been up to.  I find it so hard to keep up with writing on this blog, but I'm faithfully reading all about you guys, and I love it.  I hope summer finds you all doing well. What are some of your favorite summer activities?

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I Believe in Miracles said...

Love the updates. How cool would it be to get passes to Disney! Wow.

We recently joined the Museum of Science and LOVE it. Perfect for lots of interactive activities.

For the summer, we love going to the pool, beach, spray parks, eating popsicles or watermelon, and having a little splash pool in our backyard.

Your family pictures at Penelope's dedication are great!!