Saturday, June 27, 2009

More than you really need to know

So this is about pregnancy (or lack thereof), right? Well, this is about my period.
Okay, so last month was my failed IVF. My cycle was pretty long. It took 3 days after ending the progesterone to get AF.
Then this month we took off and just had an unmedicated month and enjoyed no doctors visits.
About day 7 this month I felt like I was ovulating, but please, day 7? That's way too early. I actually thought that I must have a cyst.
I didn't use any OPKs, again, because I just wanted to make sure we weren't stressing out about BDing, largely for my marriage intimacy sake, and mental health, all good stuff, but then on CD 21, I saw a little spotting. And really, I mean a little. Very small. Where does the mind go?
That's right, you're all thinking implantation bleeding. I know you are. I did. So essentially in my mind it became, stand by to stand by.
All hopes ended though, when AF showed up on CD 23! A 23 day cycle? Did any of you guys have very short cycles after an IVF? Are there left over hormones in my body? I had a 22 day cycle once, but it's just weird. AND, it's really, really heavy. Last month was too, but, this is crazy time.
So, needless to say, it's been an emotional few days, but we're gearing up for the FET cycle now. I start BC on Sunday (going for the nuva ring... we'll see) and then on July 22nd, I'm off, and estimated transfer is Aug. 12th. So I'm excited, and ready to see what's next.
I'd really like to be knocked up in '09. Let's get this going.


Ashley said...

Sorry!! When AF does that to you it really SUCKS!! Can't wait till you get the FET cycle underway!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend;)

Flower said...

The old hag is always sending us tricks. FET here we come. My transfer is July 20. Praying that the FET gives us our miracle.

Gabby said...

hey sweetie - i know this cycle stuff can be crazeeee.. my estimated transfer date is august 12th too! we will be cyling together!

hoping we both get pregnant in 09!

Jen said...

Ugh...sorry... :(

My cycle after my failed IVF was nuts, too. It was short, but I can't remember how short.