Friday, June 19, 2009

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of Summer

Over the last week I've started like 3 different posts, but I'm realizing I just don't have much to say. It's been great going from all these rediculous Dr. appointments to none, and I do feel like I've got my life back. I know I'm gonna get busy again with our FET in August, but for now, I'm just enjoying my free time.
Summer school started this week, and so far it's been great. I'm teaching Economics, and I love it because now the kids really care as opposed to last summer when I taught it last and the economy hadn't tanked yet.
I'm still in limbo about where I'll be placed for last year. It's weird being the history teacher in the district with the lowest amount of seniority (last year was my first year in this particular district) and knowing that I'm SUPER grateful to even have a job, but that I'm subject to lots of whims and windfall's. As of now, I've been placed at the continuation school in the district, but it seems like it will be a good situation, so I'm really not too bummed. AND, I know you ladies will appriciate this:
My district has a program for teenage moms, where they drop their baby's off at a district sponsored day care and then go to classes at the continuation school. About 10 years ago the district realized they had a lot of mom's working for them and decided to open it up to employees of the district as well. So what this means is: If I really am placed at the continuation school next year, that about 20 feet from my classroom is the infant care location. Um... if I had a baby...PERFECT! I could literally visit, feed, play with my child during the school day. So it's hard not to excited about that, but like I said, things may still change and I'll be placed at a different school site, but ... it does give a girl a reason to hope.

Okay, I'm gonna go throw in some laundry. It's super nice that summer school is only 4 days a week, I feel like it's actually summer vacation (except that as a kid, I didn't have to do laundry and clean on my days off, but I suppose that should be another topic for another day).

Enjoy your weekend ladies! Oh, and I have to ask, did anyone watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey? I gotta say, I just can't stop watching. The finale was almost a litteral train wreck, and I'm just so involved. One of the ladies had had 4 miscarrages and they delt with it on the show. But that lady did end up conceiving after the show was over, it was an interesting part of a reality show. And yes, I know that the show is 'trash'... what can I say... I've got free time these days!


Where's Baby? said...

How cool is that? I would love to have my child (that hasn't been conceived yet!) that close to me during the school day. That would make teaching a lot better!

Ashley said...

That is AWESOME about the day care!! Glad your summer is going good. I am also obsessed over the housewives of New Jersey!!! My husband hates it;) I have to DVR it when it come on in the middle of the night and watch it when he's not here;)