Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dr. Update

So yesterday we met with the Dr. about our failed IVF cycle and the what comes next question. What we found was that there was a 60% chance of our IVF cycle working (and it didn't) and the FET has a 45% chance of it working. I'm glad I didn't know my odds for IVF #1 were 60% because boy, that seems high!
So the short is, there's no particular reason why it didn't work, and we're not going to do any additional testing. We're going to take this month off like we thought, and then it works great to do a FET in Early Aug. What's cool is that I go back to work the week of the 18th, and I think (Lord willing of course) we'll be able to do the transfer on the 12th of Aug. I'll have just enough time for bedrest and then back to the classroom. I think it's our best shot.
Of course there is still that hope that we'll get pregnant on our own this month. You'd think after 3 years that we would stop thinking that would happen... but ... hope keeps persisting.
It feels good to have this decision made and to be on the same page with my dear husband.
Thanks to all of you for your responses to the FET cycles. Here is what I found:
I'll be on BCPs for the month before, then I will only be on estrogen before the transfer. There are only 2 monitoring appointments (to check my lining) before the transfer, and then I believe it will be like the Fresh cycle afterwards.
So that's where I am, ready to try again, but aware that the rates are less for a frozen cycle. We have 5 embryo's frozen, but it looks like maybe 3 will be pretty strong. Once they're defrosted we'll make decisions about how many to transfer, 2 or 3 (or whatever is available!).
For those of you who did a Frozen cycle, how many embryo's did you transfer? Should it be different than a fresh cycle?
Back to hoping for getting knocked up this year!


Jill said...

We transferred one, because that was all we had that made it to freeze from our previous fresh cycle.

Flower said...

I am about to do my FET now. My miracle cycle ended in a BFN so today is cd 1. I am planning on transferring two again. We froze 7 so I am praying that I get at least 2 good ones to thaw. praying that you get your bfp on your miracle cycle.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

sounds like a wonderful plan! enjoy your summer without injections and appointments!

Mel said...

Ahhhh...a plan. Feels good, doesn't it?! You'll get to enjoy the warm weather sans HPT's and incessant symptom analyzing. That sounds like a WONDERFUL approach! *hugs*

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great plan! Enjoy your summer;)

Stephanie said...

For our second ivf, we transferred one fresh embryo and one frozen; both implanted and one split (we don't know which one), giving us triplets. Here's to you being knocked up in '09!

Lauren said...

I did a fresh and a frozen cycle. The FET was sooooooo much easier on me and we transferred two.
Good luck!!