Tuesday, June 17, 2008

why does this taste funny?

First, thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog. I think this is the most productive use for the internet that I have ever found (yeah, that albertsons.com was a bust wasn't it?).
And now, let me tell all of you about the stupidest thing I've done yet (I'm only counting 2008).
Yesterday morning I was still nice and relaxed from the weekend away. I was half asleep as I prepared to brush my teeth. Something didn't taste right. I looked at the brush and decided my husband must've used it on accident (which I think is gross but try not to offend him because he thinks if we can do all kinds of things as a part of the marriage bonus' then sharing a toothbrush is nothing... I disagree. Thoughts?).
So I continue brushing my teeth.
About 20 seconds go by before I find the problem. SUNSCREEN! I'm brushing my teeth with SUNSCREEN! (spf 50) I quickly spit and look everywhere... what can I use to get this poison out of my mouth? There it is, ACT flouride rinse on the counter, cinnamon flavor. BAD combination. Now my mouth is on fire AND protected from sunburns.
I spit.
I rinse.
I spit.
I rise.
(repeat over and over, but you get the general idea).
I then decide that I must've had a great vacation.

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Courtney said...

haha courtney that must have been bad!