Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clomid this month

I just got off the phone with the RE's office. We're going to do clomid with timed intercourse for a few months. It's weird to have a very nice lady tell you when your husband's last ejaculation should be. It's weirder to know that I thought I'd be pregnant by now. I just don't think I'm over this part of it. I'm a strong believer in God and I really believe that He'll give me the desires of my heart. The hard thing is that I believe that my timing is not God's timing. I can even be objective (today) and say that because we didn't get pregnant right away we have been able to do a bunch of things. We have helped our church start a new Church plant and it's been awesome to be a part of things. If I had a newborn I wouldn't be able to help out like we have. We've taken students to Europe the last 4 spring breaks (that's when we got engaged, on the first trip) and each trip for me has been bittersweet. In October when I wasn't pregnant both years we decided, well, let's go to Europe. Because if I'm not pregnant now, that I could still travel over spring break... yadda yadda yadda. But I want a family.
I love my two dogs, they're awesome. But they're not kids. I don't want to treat them like kids. When I pet them in the morning when they jump on my bed I think, it would be cool if these were kids. So this month, clomid. My husband and I are going away for a short weekend vacation becuase next week begins football and thus goes our relationship (until a short break in August).Well, I'm going to go back to reading some other blogs for encouragement.
Here's to us.

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