Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ultrasound report

So yesterday I went to the RE's office for the check to see how the follicles are growing with the clomid. The nurse ushered me into 'the room' and told me to get undressed from the waist down. She told me to turn the lights -- when I was ready. I nodded like the pro I am becoming and got half naked. I was headed to the table when I realized I didn't know if she has said to turn the lights 'on' (there were 3 scary looking colored switches on the wall...which one?) or to turn them 'off' (there was a desk lamp on the counter for optimal ultrasound viewing, Plus it makes things cozy for me and the cooter cam)? I couldn't remember.

I sat on the table in all my glory and felt like a little kid, swinging my legs with my sheet over my lap. I even tried saying "i'm ready" in a soft voice in case someone was standing outside the room waiting for me. That didn't work. Then I thought, it must be off. So I scooted off the table and turned the lights off. A few moments later the ultrasound tech lady came in and said "My, it's romantic in here!". I had no jokes left. Apparently it was the scary green light on the wall. She even demonstrated for me. I have a masters degree and I couldn't find the light switch people.

So here is the report. On the left side (good tube side) we had a winner with an 18.5-er (whoo hoo!). On the Right (poor tube quality) we had a 'winner' but it was 24! The tech thought it was probably an empty shell with no egg inside because it was too big. There were a number of smaller ones (12s and 14s) so it makes sense why each time I've sat down the last few days I can feel my ovaries squish.
I got the shot, and now it's on to 3 days of lovin'.
Is that what your dr's reccomend for the trigger shot? 3 days in a row? My husband was doing research (because he used to want to be a dr. Now he's a chemistry teacher... thank goodness!) and saw that some dr's reccomend 37 hours after the shot to be the money time. Any thoughts? Just any time during the day? How precisely to we time these things? Any advice?


Courtney said...

hey courtney! YAY for a big follicle on the good side! I think the 36 hour thing is for when you do an IUI because they want it to be right after ovulation or just right before b/c treated sperm only lasts 12 hours, and they put it right in the uterus so it doesn't have to make the long journey. So if you are having sex at home and your husband has a good sperm count, then studies have shown that there is a higher chance of conceiving for every day sex! And especially the two days before you ovulate so I believe their advice was right. Have fun!!! And I think it is super sweet that your husband was researching!!

Jen said...

We never did Clomid w/Intercourse, so I don't have any advice. Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Good luck!! And hope you have fun getting busy!! ;-)

I Believe in Miracles said...

Hey courtney. Thanks for the comments. You weren't preachy. It was like God knew I needed to hear that. So thank you!!

Course I posted on the other courtney's blog first... need to make sure I can distinguish y'all!!

Hope2morrow said...

Those follicle sizes sounds great! Just get it on and try not to stress about the times and when and how- NOW is the answer! LOL!