Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little help please?

Penelope, here is what you're doing right now! (actually, you're napping, that's why momma has the time to write this post).  Yesterday is the day you decided to be able to sit up on your own.  Yes, you still topple over after a while, but we were at Daddy's football game and I left to throw something away (while still watching you of course) and when I came back you were all like, 'what, I've been sitting forever.  Why is 10 minutes of sitting such a big deal?  Don't you know I'm not a baby anymore?'. 
Then, last night you were alseep in your carseat by the time you got home and I put you in your crib without a swaddle.  You went right to sleep.  So I figured, hey, first day to sit up, first day without a swaddle. 
THEN, after about an woke up and cried for 2 hours straight, from about 11PM to 1AM.  Um, that was not my favorite moment.  So tonight, yes, you will be swaddled.
I'm thinking you're teething.  No teeth yet, and you have a little bump on your bottom gums, teeth yet.  You are drolling, have a runny nose and everything goes to your mouth. 
And you are eating cereal!  You really do like it, and are already trying to feed it to yourself.
But here is my problem blog world, I need your help.  What should her feeding schedule be?  I can't seem to find if I wrote it down on this blog, how many time a day should I give her the bottle, and when should I give her food?  Right now she's just eating cereal once, maybe twice a day, and 5 bottles of 3-6 ounces after breastfeeding.  Um...I don't remember how much and when she should be eating.
If you have little ones eating any kind of solid food and still on the bottle, could you leave me a comment with your feeding sched.?  I'm a little out of sorts.

Okay, and I've also lost 15 pounds, 20 more to go...but I don't seem to have any motivation to continue.  Any tips?  I want a tortilla so badly right now!  Talk me down!  Tell me to lose the baby weight!

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WantWait&Pray said...

A sample schedule of my youngest around 4 months was:
7am wake and Bottle
9am Nap
11am Wake and Bottle
1pm Nap
3pm Nap and Bottle
7pm Bedtime and Bottle

If I was feeding baby food or cereal, it was sometime before the 1st nap maybe at 8:30 and then again at "dinner time". Good luck!