Monday, September 24, 2012


Here is Penny last month...she was almost sitting up.
And below, here she is this month.  Sitting up like a champ!

Macie has started loving the photo shoots because she gets to get in Penny's bed (which was her bed, she just doesn't remember it!)

And no, Macie is not biting Penny's head here, she's just giving her an open mouth kiss.  Nana has done a good job of buying lots of matching outfits, but it's been so hot I haven't had a chance to wear some of the outfits.  I loved this cupcake dress on Macie last winter, and while it still fits, you'll notice the tights are a must have accessory.  She is a tall girl!  Penny isn't so small either, we'll find out her 6 month stats on Friday's dr. appt.

And below is my little cutie feeding her doll 'Coco'.  I spared you the picture of her nursing the doll, but think the boppy and bottles are pretty cute.  What fun it is to have a 'little mommy' around the house.

Having two is wonderful, if not crazy.  Last Friday I thought, 'I could totally have another one!'  The very next day I thought, 'I would be crazy to have another one!'.  So only the Lord knows what will be in store for my family, but I am 'trying' not to take a single day for granted.  These girls are such gifts, and the responsibility of training up children in the ways of the Lord is sometimes harder than I could imagine, but overall, it's an experience I wouldn't trade for anything (not even a luxurious bath or a trip to the bathroom all by myself!).

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Ashley said...

Precious pictures! Love their matching dresses!