Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Schedule

Things I don't want to forget (in case there is a next time!).

On Thursday I switched Penelope's feeding and napping schedule.  Formerly she was eating 5 times a day, every three hours, and would mostly eat, play, sleep, repeat.  Some times she wouldn't nap, and then the next session she would.  I would ALWAYS wake her up to eat, regardless of how recently she fell asleep (I realized that for me, this was the best way to keep her aware of her days vs. nights, and not to sleep for hours and hours during the day and then be up all night).
But every three hours has passed us.  The weird thing is, I can't seem to recollect how I fed Macie or what her feeding/nap schedule was at this age, so that's why right now, I'm making a record of it here. 
Penelope is waking up between 7:30 and 8.  She gets a bottle of pumped breastmilk as soon as she wakes up, and then when Macie is up, we all eat breakfast at the same time.  Penny is having 1/4 cereal (rice and oatmeal so far) with formula mixed in.
Then, at noon (Penny generally naps from 9:30 to 11, give or take), Penny has another bottle/breastfeed. (love my work schedule that I'm home to feed the girls!!!).  Usually I'm supplimenting 4 ounces, but she is a very slow eater.  I mean, that 3-4 ounces can take an entire hour to get her to eat it.  Then around 12:30 (hopefully we're finished with her bottle by then) we sit at the table and have lunch with Macie.  Penny has so far had squash 2 days and sweet potatoes one day.  She enjoyed the squash much more than the sweet potatoes.  Every 2-3 days I'm adding a new food.  Then comes the glorious part...They Both Nap at the Same Time!  Seriously!  from about 1-3, I have 2 whole hours with which to do what I choose.  One day I cleaned the car, the next day I took a nap also!  I can only hope this continues.  What a feat!
At 4, Penny has another bottle, followed by more cereal at dinner, then her nighttime bottle at 8.
We're only on day 4 of this schedule, but it feels right.  I'm hoping we can stick with this for a while. 

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