Monday, September 24, 2012

Lisa Whelchel

When I heard the news that former 'Facts of Life' star Lisa Whelchel was divorced, my heart was really heavy.  She came and spoke at our church just about 2 years ago.  I read one of her books, 'The Facts of Life and Other Lessons my Father Taught Me'.  It was such a great little read about some of the high and low points of her life.  By no means did I think that she was perfect.  By no means did I think that she doesn't sin.  But knowing that public figures are just as fallable as the rest of our makes me scared. 
Ladies, this thing called marriage is tough.  And most of the blogs I read (not all, just most) are women that had a hard time becoming pregnant.  And then most of us have gotten what we wanted, a beautiful child (or more often than not, children).  And there is something SO WONDERFUL about being a mother.
But I'm convicted to exhort all of us not to forget our husbands. 
I have no idea why they divorced.  I don't know who incited the paper work, I don't know the details.  Despite the title, this post is not about Lisa.  This post is about us.  It's about our marriages.  When we think that divorce only happens to other people, we might be missing the log in our own eye in order to point out the spec in someone else's.  It's SO easy to get caught up in the business of being mommy's, that we forget, we were wives first.  We used to stay up late in order to talk (and make out!) with our fiances and boyfriends.  Now, if your marriage is anything like mine, I am the first to go to bed and we (er, I) have a strict 'no funny business' after 10pm rule, because I'm (please, someone give me an Amen on this one).  I need to remember my husband.  My boyfriend.  Even though we're married, it doesn't mean I can't still think of him as my boyfriend.  I think men get that lecture a lot, treating us like a girlfriend, not a wife.  I'm going to take a few extra minutes and opportunities this week to make sure my dear husband knows that I chose him first and I will continue to choose him! 


Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for just b-tch slapping me square in the FACE!! :)

This spoke to me. I definitely put my son before my husband. I needed to hear this tonight.

Thanks court!


Courtney Senyard (friend me on fb.. You're my kinda gal!)

Ashley said...

Great post!

J said...

Amen about the sleep thing!