Monday, August 20, 2012

179 more?

Stay at home mom...
Working mom...
Any way you slice it, this is a hard season of life.
Any way you slice it, this is a fantastic season of life.

Today I went back to work.  I've mentioned that I'm only working part time.  It was hard to leave my little ones this morning.  BUT it was wonderful to come home to them at 11:00am.
I was just left thinking that today was okay.  But I have to do this 179 more times before next Summer...? I'm thinking about making a count-down chain for myself.  Ha.  That might actually make things worse.  No matter how you slice it, I think I've got a great situation this year. 

I was also thinking about how quickly these past two years have gone.  Those of you with older kids will probably's gonna go fast.  Next fall Macie will be in preschool!  A friend of mine posted on her blog that we only get '18 summers' with our kids.  And I can't help but think she's right.  Granted, with more kids, it's a little more than that, but my point is that these tough times (just changed a very gross poop) are going to go SO fast and I want to enjoy them.  And I have been.  And I delight eveytime Macie and Penny do something new.  Just today I noticed that Macie has started saying the word "fix" correctly.  For a while she would say "daddy fik it".  Today she said, "Macie fixed it".  And I got sad.  She's not going to be so little for so long.  Penny will be 5 months this week.  She is rolling over (all ways) and almost sitting up on her own.  These days are long, but I love this new job called 'mommy'.  Educator is great, but personally, I think "mommy" is my favorite.


PJ said...

Oh man, Macie has grown!

11:00 is AMAZING!!! Seriously, I am so jealous!

I miss talking to adults, and well... kids who can carry on a conversation. I miss coming up with a project and seeing it come to life. It makes me feel productive - shaping little brains. I ADORED my summer home with the girls this year though. It was awesome for them to be so mobile. I'm already looking forward to all of the things I can do with them next summer. 180 days is far too long!

Still though, today I was thinking about how incredibly lucky I am to at least have the summers off. Most people don't, and I am grateful for that time with my children.

Hope you have a great first week back!

I Believe in Miracles said...

They are PRECIOUS!!! Love it.

I felt that way going to work today - first time since the miscarriage. Can I really do this?!

Hope you have a good first week back!