Thursday, August 9, 2012

4 and 27

Penelope!  You are 4 months old! (well, she was about 2 weeks ago).
Here is a bit of what you're doing:
You laugh like crazy.  While camping one of the kids found your sweet spot (under your chin on your clavicle).  You just laugh and laugh when someone is tickling you there.  You also love to watch your sister and laugh at her.  She is doing a great job of entertaining you these days.
You mostly get bathed in the sink.  At first we were just washing you with your sister, but kneeling over is hard in that position, so we've been back to the sink. 
You can sit up if someone is holding you.  So it doesn't count yet, but you are seriously close to doing it on your own. 
You roll over from tummy to back (been doing that for a while) and you are SO close to rolling over from back to stomach.  I am thrilled at your motor skills but bummed that 'mobile human' is coming!  At night we still swaddle you, but you are now being found in the morning unswaddled and usually 90 to 180 degrees different than how we put you in.  You are scoot, scooting away!
You spend time all day in different places.  Momma's arms, the swing, the play mat, a little bumbo, and even more recently the Jenny Jum.p up.  You don't love the jumpup yet, but it looks like fun for me, so I'm going to keep trying (completely supervised of course).
You will try rice cereal at 5 months.  I felt like your sister was a baby for ever, but you are growing SO fast.  Last night we went swimming in Nana's pool and you wore a 12 month suit.  You're stats at your 4 month appointment were 15.4 lbs and 26 inches long.  Your sister was 15.14 lbs and 25 1/2 inches.  You are in the 70th % for weight and 90th % for height.  That cracks me up because I didn't think babies could get much bigger than your sister (no offence Macie, you're perfect the way you are!), but here she is, longer!  Most of her onsies are 9 months now.  Really, anything that is a bodysuit is 9 months, but most outfits (two pieces) are still 3-6 months or 6-12 months. 

You have been such a fun addition and you are really Such.A.Good.Baby.  The kind of baby that makes you say, "let's have another one!"*

Macie!  You just turned 27 months old!  While some days having a 2 year old is exactly as hard as I'd feared, most days it's just a lot of fun.  Besides the 'detox' from vacation, you are mostly a very pleasant young girl. 
Food is your friend.  Yesterday you had Cap'n Cru.nch for the first time for breakfast.  When you woke up from your nap you said "Macie have Cap'n Crunch now!".  I think you thought it was breakfast again.  Or you didn't care if snack time was filled with Cap'n c.runch also.   You constantly tell people that while camping you had Marshmallow for dinner.  What you mean is we had smores a few nights, well after dinner and only one, but people think you were allowed to skip your meal.  ha.
You love to be outside and to 'GO Go go!' which means you slow down and then run to catch up with us.  You don't like sitting in the stroller but when Daddy isn't with us you still have to be strapped in.  I can't wait until you're just a tad bit older and not so excited to touch everything on the shelves in the stores.
You wear mostly 3t clothing.  Some 2t some 4t.  Since you're proportional (both tall and thick) the Dr. isn't worried.  I just make sure we get lots of excercise each day).  You love the water.  Ever since swim lessons you can kick your legs and get from one place to another in the pool (while wearing your puddle jumper jacket of course).  It's really cool to see how good you are at that. 
You are a very good big sister.  We have some books that you like to read about being a big sister and I think that's helped you transisiton.  Often times you want to kiss or hold Penny and you call her Penny Dorothy (but is sounds like Penny Dorfy).  Sometimes sharing is hard when she has a toy you think you should have a claim on, but ususally it's over in 30 seconds or so.  When we ask if Penny can have something (as a joke) like crayons, you say, "no...Penny too little".  You like making her laugh.  And you make us laugh too.  Yesterday you said (unsolicited) that Momma is small, momma is funny, and I love you momma. 
These are good days. 

*I have not said that at all.  Only the Lord knows if we're having another one, but for right now, we are birth-controlling-it-up. 

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