Friday, April 15, 2011

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I am a history teacher, and I have to say, I go through periods of time where I get completely wrapped up in the Space Race. I think it started when I saw Apollo 13 as a senior in high school. I think I saw it in the theatre 2 or 3 times. And as a side note, I remember that movie being out at the same time as While You Were Sleeping. I think I saw both of those over and over again in the theatre. Great flick. Back to Space, A few years ago I decided to teach a unit on the Space Race in my World History class (after state testing is done, teachers have more freedom to pick the curriculum they enjoy). I LOVED IT! I think the first Bio I read was Jim Lovell. He is still one of my favorites to read about from the space program. He and his wife Marilyn did a commentary on the 10th anniversary of Apollo 13's release and I just enjoy his stories. I also really admire that their marriae was one of the few NASA marriages to survive. So this was a great read:
I followed that up by reading Gene Kranz (one of the flight directors)and then I found Chris Kraft, one of the major mission control gurus. I actually forgot what his title was. Then for a few years I put down the Space books and got busy. But just a few months ago I found this great used bookstore in my town and I found John Glenn's Bio. He was the first American to orbit the Earth, became a congressman and then went into space a few years ago as the oldest American in space. His love for his wife is endearing, although we may have some different political views.So finally, after all of that here is what I am actually reading. That used bookstore also had Frank Borman's book. He was on Apollo 8 (amoungst others) with Jim Lovell and they orbited the moon. He then became president of Eastern Airlines. I haven't gotten that far ing hte book though. And then...because I am such a nerd and this is beocming the longest post ever in the history of the world to be about the Space Race, I'll tell you that over Spring Break, DH, Macie and I went to the national Air and Space museaum in San Diego. I picked up a copy of Buzz Aldrin's book while there. I am almost finished with it. He has been on quite a journey since coming back from Apollo 11. THe story describes what it was like to cope with having acheived the greatest thing 'man' has ever done, and then what happens from there. It's an interesting story of depression and alcoholism. Not exactly the guy I remember from 'punky brewster', but still interesting none-the-less. I should finish this by the weekend.

and then, I want to end with probably the smartest guy I've been reading. Our Bible study is on Romans and DH and I are currently Co-leading. So we're using Chuck Swindol's commentary. Man, that guys is smart. He's got a lot of information in this book. It's NOT a fast read because there is just so much to think about. If you want in-depth, go with Chuck. Alright, this was a long, nerdy post. WHat have you all been reading? Link up! And if you know of any other biographies I should be reading, let me know!

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PJ said...

How cool that you can pick what you want to teach after testing! I guess other testing grades do that too.

I don't have any biographies to tell you about, but I did grow up near Kennedy Space Center. It was amazing to be let out onto the field in elementary and middle school to see the shuttle lift-offs. And when the Challenger disaster happened, I watched it through the window right outside of my 8th grade English class. So sad for our area.

Sounds like a cool thing to learn about at the end of the year. :)