Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy What?

This Friday is Good Friday.
This Friday is Earth Day.

Isn't it interesting (and sad) that I have seen nothing in the media about Good Friday. And the graphic we have for Easter on our weather station is a bunny.
Does anyone remember what it is we're celebrating? The bunny and eggs are a sign of Spring, and God created seasons, so I'm not anti-bunny. God created the Earth, so Earth day is great. But I need to talk about my Savior. Jesus was killed so that you and I could be free. But our society has gone so far away from these truths because it's not an easy topic to discuss. It's really difficult for the self made man (or woman) to accept that they're lacking in anything.
But we are.
So instead of filling the hole in our hearts with the love of Christ, we fill it with taking care of the earth. We fill it with good causes, but not things that cause us to draw closer to God. I want society to remember the gift that is free. And that is what the Easter season is about. Not bunnies, not Earth day, but the free gift of Grace given by God through Jesus.

So not happy Earth day.
Not happy bunny day.

Happy Easter ladies. Glory to God.


Deanna said...

Happy Easter! Thank God for His saving, redemptive gift. :)

Mel said...

Great statement. I was perusing Easter baskets for my child at the store the other day, and a few of the Disney themed ones said "Happy Spring!" on the side and I heard myself say out loud what a pitiful shame it was that they had to go there. I think the Easter bunny is just about the most wretched secular holiday tradition (I mean, really? A bunny that delivers eggs and candy? What's the point?). And he comes at a time that I feel is THE MOST PRECIOUS of Christian celebrations. Jesus's birth was definitely miraculous and wonderful but his death and resurrection are the ultimate cornerstone for everything that matters. Praise God for loving us so much.

Happy Easter!

Ashley said...

Happy Easter to you, too! Thanks for writing this!

Courtney said...

Agree,agree,agree. TOTALLY AGREE 100%. That's all. =)

Happy Easter!!!


Jackie said...

AMEN! (which means truly) here is a version of the song Hallelujah that tells the story of Easter.