Monday, April 11, 2011

It's 'almost' funny

How are you all? Including our recent 'loss', it's been an interesting time for us. So many things are breaking! Household things, items in my classroom...I'm starting to feel superstitious, just a little. Since March 1st, here is what has broken or not worked properly: The leak in the wall - I think I told you about this. This has meant that we had to have 8 industrial dryers in our house for 6 days, part of the floor ripped up, and repainting of walls. Today the new flooring is being installed. Of course there is no perfect match so we get new flooring (yea!) but it's a huge hassle (boo). The Dryer - our year and half old brand new dryer! The belt snapped. That was a 200 dollar repair. Yikes! The windshield on our car - we were hit by a small rock in January and it made a really small crack. Yesterday dh washed the car and the crack spread across the entire windshield. Almost not driveable...but I drove it to work today anyway! We have an appointment to fix it at 3:00. The Drill - just a regular drill. It won't hold a charge. We were finally baby proofing a few cabinents...and it stopped working. The Lawnmower - Jose tried what he could to fix it, new sparkplugs, oil, seems it just met its match. My LCD projector in my classroom - I got to school today and my lesson was a biography (via LCD projector, I don't have a dvd player hooked up to my tv). My backup lesson was to finish notes (via powerpoint). My Dean was able to get me a projector to use today, but tomorrow I'll probably be giving notes on the whiteboard! Do you see why I'm feeling superstitious? The good part is that these are only things, and so far, the people in our lives are safe and healthy, and that is what matters. But the timing of all these things breaking is very cicumspect. Ironically, we paid off our car in Feburary. So we have been using that money to pay for all these 'things' repair. It's just getting comicial. When dh showed me the windshield yesterday, I said 'of course it broke!". Here's to hoping the major repairs are over for another 5 years!

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