Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1st birthday questions

So for those of you out there with little ones (or are planning on having little ones),
What do you think about big 1st birthday parties?
I am completely torn. I am so excited to celebrate the gift of my little miracle God has entrusted me with.
I also don't want to set a precedent that there will always be big parties and everyone will always be invited and I have to entertain other people's children.

I'm thinking of a party either at our house (we have a 1300 square foot house and a moderate back yard (for Some of you in Arkansas and Texas and N. Carolina would die at the small size of what we call a yard!). But in our yard, we don't have a lot with which to entertain our friends children.
We have a park nearby with some slides and stuff... is that enough to entertain other kids?

What are your thoughts? I'm really stuck. But I have 3 months so I'm just trying to plan ahead.
I'll post again after Macie's 9 month appointment tomorrow. My little girl is growing up so fast!


Cady said...

We had a semi-big party for Lucy's first birthday. We actually had a bunch of people cancel the day of the party. We had it at our former church's fellowship hall because our house is kind of smallish. I love big parties. In the future, I'm sure her parties won't be as big (especially if we have them at party places like Chuck E. Cheese where you have to pay per person), but I wanted to throw a big, fun party for her first since we tried SO long for her!

manymanymoons said...

I think it's totally understood that the 1st birthday is the BIG ONE. I really don't think it sets a precident for future parties. Just think, this is the one year where you will have complete control before the little one starts having a mind of her own. I would take advantage and totally do it up anyway you want. :)

Unknown said...
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Scrambled Egg said...

Ooops! I posted with my dh's account first...anyway, I was going to say do whatever you feel comfortable with..this is a huge reason to celebrate!

Ashley said...

My sister-in-law had my niece's 1st bday in a little community building (an old train depot) and had cake and punch. She's a preschool teacher so she invited her kids and had a kid's table where they had some coloring pages and markers. It was zebra themed and she found a ton of decorations online. It didn't last too long- just long enough to watch my niece w/ her cake and open presents.

Jill said...

I went big for Amelia's 1st birthday party because SO MANY friends and family had prayed with us for years to have her. I wanted to celebrate God's answer to our prayers in a big way. :) I can't wait for the day that Amelia can actually tell me what SHE wants as a theme, etc...those will be the most fun parties to me. We just have lots of kids in our families and I prefer to do something to entertain them, so the parents can enjoy visiting. I think a park is totally fine and plenty big - there will be lots for the kids to play with there AND you don't have to worry about clean-up at your ever bigger plus! :)