Sunday, July 6, 2008

back from the beach

You guys are all so great. This is the first month I've been apart of this blogging world, and I'll tell you, it's better together. As much as I wish we didn't have to come to each other for support, I think it says a lot about the human spirit and how we really do need each other.

On to the next...
I think it'll be a few more months of the same. Mostly because there doesn't seem to be a reason to head to IUI since we don't know why we're infertile. I may ride this one out for a while. And becuase this is probably the cheapest I could do. With this new job comes new insurance, so I'm going to hopefully speak with the benefits specialists tomorrow so that I can determine if any of my options cover infertility. Oh how I wish they did. I'm not feeling lucky on this one though.

I hope everyone had a relaxing fourth of July. I went to Ventura/Oxnard with some friends and had a lovely weekend of hanging out, watching movies, and generally over-eating. A great formula for fun.
Tomorrow is not going to be easy to sit with 35 seniors in high school and teach them about the legislative branch of gov't and the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility in Economics.


I Believe in Miracles said...

I totally second the things you are saying. Blogger world support is amazing. Truly.

Good luck with insurance coverage with the new job and making it through the day with all those seniors!

Earl Gearl said...

Good luck with the insurance thing. We pay everything out of pocket and it sure is making a dent in our savings!

Hope2morrow said...

I love the support we receive from blogging to. It is nice to know my emotions are normal on this infertility train.

I wish you the best of luck talking to your insurance specialist! Let us know how it all pans out, but it sounds like you are taking time before heading too much further down the road. Good for you!

Just Me. said...

I really don't know what I would do without my infertile bloggers!!!

I hope you get some good news from your insurance. We've had to pay everything ourselves and it's been hard.