Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stomach flu and 31 weeks

So today marks some history. First time I have been sick while married. Dh is doing wonderful, taking care of Macie, but I feel pretty rotten. Tmi? I threw up 4 times last night and had some serious diarrhea. So today I'm trying to stay low key, but it's so weird to hear her outside the bedroom. I mostly just don't want to get Macie or dh sick.
But in happier news, iam 31 weeks along and we're getting close! At least while I've been sick I can feel the baby girl move. There is such reassurance in that.
That's all. Sorry no pictures. Just a momma trying to feel better.


Ashley said...

Feel better soon!

Alex and Jill said...

Alex had the same thing a couple weeks ago. I prayed so hard that Amelia wouldn't get it. We left him in the bedroom and we didn't go near it for over 24 hrs. LOL

Hope you're feeling better!