Saturday, January 7, 2012

high chair?

Macie is 20 months today! i'm wondering when all of u stopped using the high chair. She can sit up on a regular4 chair, so I'm startibg to think we may be getting past the high chair. in restaurants people are offering booster seats instead of highchairs. when did u transistion?


Once Upon A Time said...

My daycare provider stopped putting mu duo in high chairs at 18 months. They do great there in regular chairs. We still use our space saver chairs at home for the containment factor, although I know at 22 months now that they would be just fine in regular chairs.

Cady said...

We stopped using high chairs in restaurants sometime around 1 year because Lucy just wouldn't sit in them anymore. Not long after, she stopped sitting in boosters at restaurants. She still uses her booster seat at home, and we wish she would use one when we go out, but she fights it so we just let her sit on the seat like a big girl. We always get a booth, though.

Paula Keller said...

Wow, good question! My sitter has what I guess are booster chairs, and they sit in them with no belts - which kind of makes me cringe, but I guess they do fine. We are still doing high chairs at home. I guess for what Once Upon a Time said, "containment".