Saturday, August 27, 2011

OB appt

Wednesday was our first appointment with my regular OB.  With my first pregnancy I took the easy route.  I figured one OB was as good as another.  Anybody laughing yet?  Exactly.  He was not the Dr. for me.  We ended up switching to another Dr around 5 months.  And while the experience was fine, this time I've sought out a better doctor.  The one that everyone gets so excited when they hear her name.  And I must say, I was not disappointed.  She was worth the wait (yes, I waited about 20 minutes while naked with the gown open in the front).  Super nice, lots of energy, very relate-able. 
Thank you!
So the appointment Wednesday was just her.  She said things looked good, but my ultrasound wasn't scheduled until Friday (yesterday).  So yesterday I got to see this:
Yup.  There's a baby in there!
So there you have it!  We measured a week ahead of where we thought we were.  So as of today I am 10 weeks 4 days.  My due date was changed to March 21st.  I told the US tech that made sense since my HCG levels were so high.
Last night we told my mother in law (who only cried twice) and today we'll share with my brother and sister in law.  It's hard figuring out the order in which to tell people.  I haven't told any of my friends (unless hairstylist counts), and I don't want my family to put anything on line (this is when I hate facebook), so I think this will be the week where we tell everyone. 
We know a lot can still happen, but I also know that this is God's baby, and if I get to take care of it for 10 weeks or 70 years, it's still God's.  It's hard to register that bad things can happen, but I also feel like I wasted a lot of my first pregnancy being worried, and I want to give that up this time.  (any solutions to worrying?  ha).
But there is our update.  Now we're just trying to stay cool.  It's supposed to be about 104 today.  But I know some of you are having a hurricane head your way, so I've completely got the temperature in perspective.  AND, might I add, that some fellow Southern Californians were so mean about the Earthquake in DC - making fun.  BUT, can I just say that we get half an inch of rain and it becomes 'Storm watch, 2011' on the news.  (I'm not making that up).  If we had a hurricane or tropical storm heading toward up, you would think Jesus would be coming with it.  So I'm hoping everyone stays safe and dry no matter where you are.
Happy Saturday


Ashley said...

Such an amazing picture! Glad everything looks great! Have fun telling people.

PJ said...

YAYYYYY!!! Still so very excited for you!

Once Upon A Time said...

Glad to read the update! Hope you are having a great start to your school year!