Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to Work

Today marks a week and a half that I've been back at work.  I think I've mentioned that this year I get to be 'part' time.  This is fantastic.  As a high school teacher, it's not always easy to get a partial assignment.  What this means is, I work every day of the week, but I'm technically done at 11:10.  yup.  11:10!  It's amazing!  It's hard though.  The tardy bell rings for my first class (zero period) at 7:00.  I have 39 kids in my zero period economics class.  If you think I'm crazy for being up that early, just imagine them!  At least I'm getting paid!
It's been going well, but it's made for a busy mama.  When I get home (between 12 and 1 depending on how much preparing I have to do for the next day) I find that Macie is usually just waking up.  LOVE it!  The only down side...I'M SO TIRED!   I'm so excited to have another baby, but it's made the back to work transistion a little tougher than before.  So the afternoons we have to be creative, also, it's been so hot that almost everyone is cranky. 
What do you all do when it's hot in the afternoon and there's no nap in sight?  I'd love some input!


Ashley said...

Kaylee is still taking long afternoon naps so I'm no help there. Sounds like a great work schedule (except for having to wake up so early)!

PJ said...

Tuesday was my first day, so 4 days down, and I am EXHAUSTED! Of course, 7-1 sounds AMAZING and ideal to me!!!

7:00 Economics? I'm sure those kids are all about it!

I am so stinkin' excited about your pregnancy!

Of course, I totally get that whole early pregnancy wanting to snooze by noon! I craved naps like crazy!