Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Le Beatles and Le Job

So aside from my rant on the previous post, I needed to share about our short weekend trip to Las Vegas.



Now, I went with no idea what to expect. But this show was AMAZING! I hadn't seen a Cirque du Soleil show before of any kind, and now I think I would be disappointed with anything less.

Haven't you ever thought, I wish I could watch 4 guys in referee uniforms and fuzzy 'barbarella' ankle boots doing death defying, roller skate moves all set the Beatles song Help? Because I have, and I'll tell ya, I was not disappointed. We went to Las Vegas for a friends' birthday, and decided to do the last minute tickets thing on the strip. Yeah, even at a discount these tickets were expensive ($90 bucks a pop) but on an entertainment level, it was COMPLETELY worth it. And I must say, I'm pretty picky. While I'm easy to please, I have high expectations for shows (fomer film major here speaking...I know that gives me no street cred, but whatevs) and this was easily one of the best things. Ever. On the Face of the Planet.

So yes, I'm excited. But I know Vegas gets discussed often on these blogs as a fun destination, and I'm adding my $.02. Go See It.

Other than that, I am through with birth control on Sunday and then I am supposed to get AF by Thursday of next week to get this FET cycle moving!

AND, I almost forgot (sorry this post is getting long). I found out today that at work I will be full time next year! This is a huge blessing. I am a teacher in CA and wherever you are, just be glad you're not a teacher in Ca. right now, because apparently everyone in congress (from Schwarzenneger to all democrates to all republicans, to independent green freaks) is a knuckle-head chuckle-head and can't pull it out long enough to give us a budget. So a number of teachers have lost jobs (including a number of friends of mine). I have been teaching 8 years, but decided to switch districts last year so I lost all of my seniority. What's in my favor though is that I teach History and you have to have a specific credential to teach high school. So I was partially laid off earlier this year (instead of teaching 5 periods a day, I would only teach 3).

So today I found out that I will be full time next year, but they are splitting me between two different schools. So the details aren't great, but the cash flow will stay the same (which is perfect because of this whole FET-trying-to-get-knocked-up-in-'09-but-going-crazy-because-so-far-it-hasn't-worked-and-IF-treatments-cost-lots-o'-money!). My thought is, that this would actually be a really bad time to get pregnant (new job locations, hard to find a long term sub), so maybe it will actually happen!

Oh friends, here's to good news, Great God, good beatles, and hoping!


Isaac Dakota said...

If you go back to Vegas anytime soon the Cirque de Soliel show "KA" is awesome! We went to it and were super impressed with the story and the sets. Incredible, nine stories high! I'm more into a show with a plot so we thought we would enjoy this the best of all of those offered.

Mel said...

Yippeeee for good news! :) I'd say you were well over-due for some of that, don't you think?

Glad that Vegas was a nice retreat for you and hubby. I'd also HIGHLY recommend seeing "O" if you head back that way. I think I said "WOW!" about every two minutes during the performance.

Miss Mac said...

Glad to hear the good news about the job situation! In my district we signed contracts without specific terms of salary... in other words, no one lost their job but they left things kind've open-ended just in case things get tighter. Sounds like we're pretty lucky. Good luck with the upcoming FET!