Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here we go! I started Estrace on Sunday. Right now it's two in the AM and two in the PM. My boobs are more sore than normal during this part of my cycle, did anyone else feel estrace there?
I have my first Uterine check up on Monday at 8:00 AM which is great because we're going camping for a few days so this FET shouldn't affect our short vacation plans. We just got back from visiting my grandparents and while it was fun to hang out with family, it sure is tough to see the people you used to view as so strong suddenly become so helpless. Grandpa isn't doing too well, but he's been not doing well for about 7 years, so who knows, maybe he'll out live all of us.
I'm really excited for this next cycle. I just feel like it's the right thing to do. I'm hoping that our embryo's make it. I'm really thinking about how many to transfer. My doctor doesn't have hard/fast rules, but he does play things safe. I know our decision will be based on how many come out of freeze and look good, but it's a big decision that I'm playing with here. 2? 3? No more than three, but ... like I said, it just depends on how many thaw.
As of right now we're going to thaw the straw that has two embryo's, 1 7cell and 1 8 cell. The other straw has 3 embryo's - 2 7 cells and 1 5 cell. It takes about an hour to thaw, so should we need to defrost the second straw, we'll probably have some big choices.

Let's get knocked up in '09!


Ashley said...

Good luck!!!

Alex and Jill said...

Praying this is your month! :)

DINA said...

Best of luck to you...we are in our anxious.