Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How it's going...

Honestly, it's going great.  Having 2 kids has been fun so far.  My oldest is almost 23 months, and I'll tell ya, she looks like a GIANT.  Not that she is one, but she just looks like one.  Her face and head look so.big.  Comparing the two of them on the changing table just cracks me up.  We've certainly got to start potty training soon because when I see Macie's diapers after seeing Penny's diapers, Macie's seem a lot less cute.  Ha.  Not that poop is ever cute, but it definately gets more gross as the kids eat real food.
So far, breastfeeding is going well, but Penny's two week dr. appointment is on Friday.  I need to make sure she is back up to her birthweight by then.  I'm thinking she's doing okay because her output is good.  Lots of wet and stinky diapers, so that's good.  I'm hopeful for good weight news at her appointment.
I haven't lost much weight yet.  Probably about 10 pounds.  I've got at least 25 more to go, and I'd like to weigh even less than what I started at.  But I don't want to start dieting quite yet either - not until I have a firm grasp on my milk.  I'll start exercising (lightly) in a few weeks, but until then, walking around the mall is one of my ways of getting out and about.
Dh has been home ever since Penny was born, and it's been wonderful.  On Monday he goes back to work, and I'm thinking that is when the true test will be of how I'm doing.  Can I honestly get two kids through the day by myself? I'll soon find out!
Sleep hasn't been too bad.  I go to bed as soon as Penny does.  So between 8 and 9 (whenever she feeds) I put her in her crib and go to bed myself.  Last night she slept from about 10 until 2:15 (woo hoo!) and then from about 2:45 until 6 (Double Woo Hoo!).  So that felt so decadent.  That's almost 2 four hour stretches.  Exactly all I could hope for. I'm hoping for a repeat performance tonight...we'll see.
That's all for now.  I hope it's an amazing Easter for everyone.  He is Risen!

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