Thursday, March 15, 2012

finally an update

Hey folks,
I'm still reading blogs, still short on time to write my own.  These days are so full, I have a hard time imagining what life will be like with two children instead of one.  Less blogging, I'm sure, but I'm still trying to record all the events in our family here.
First, here is me at 38 weeks 6 days.  I don't think I look full term and I am constantly reminded of that.  People are shocked to hear I'm due in exactly 6 days.  I just chock it up to being tall, and all my height is in my torso (I'm 5'9"), and fat.  Those two things mean you can hide a baby pretty well.  These are the first belly pictures I've taken in months and months.
I had my dr. appt today and she said I was 1-2 cm dialated, but last week she said I was a 3.  So after my "What!?" she just explained that I could've been having a contraction...blah blah blah, it just looks like this baby isn't in a hurry.  Which I suppose is good.  We want her to cook as long as she needs.
The other funny thing is that I have jury duty this week.  How does jury duty work in other parts of the country?  Here (in ca) you get summonsed by mail and then you call in or go online after 5pm of the previous work day and they tell you if you need to report.  You have to do this for an entire week.  So far I haven't been called in this time, but it's only thurs.  I could call in tonight and then be required to attend tomorrow.  I know they'll take one look at me and no one will put me on a case, but being pregnant doesn't get you out.  Also, I could have postponed my service until 6 months from now, but then I would have 2 little ones to watch, and the days are much longer than my typical work day.  So it makes sense to just try to get it over with now, and hope I don't have to report. 
So after I find out tonight if I have to go in tomorrow I am going to start trying to walk this baby out.  I've been to the gym a few times (love that they have great childcare), and I'll probably go to Disneylan.d with my mom next week and try to walk this baby out there.  I'm getting to the place where I'm antsy about delivery, thinking of all the possible scenarios, but mostly I'm just praying for a healthy baby and momma.  (feel free to join me in those prayers!)
I hope you are all well, I'm sure I have more to say.  DH finally fixed the computer situation at home, so I can blog from a real computer instead of phone, but it still requires Macie to be asleep or otherwise entertained...and that hasn't happened much lately without me.  Ha.
Happy Thursday (and the ides of march!)

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PJ said...

Oh!!! You look adorable! Sound like you're doing great! Jury duty-yuck. Your plan makes sense though.
Good luck with everything. You're in my thoughts.