Friday, December 30, 2011

Long Time No Post

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have just been so busy that it's been hard to find time to sit down and type.  The goodnews is that DH got me a smart phone for Christmas so now I can read blogs on the move, but I still prefer typing on the computer and I haven't opened the computer for most of Christmas break.
Speaking of which:
Reasons to become a teacher?
Number 1.  Christmas Break!  2 weeks of no-work, family time!
It's been a great 2 weeks.  I don't go back until Tuesday, but I'm already getting sad that the time is almost over.  Some of the higlights have been:  Our Church Christmas Eve service(s)!  We had a blast and it went really well.  I'm apart of the creative team that plans the services and we've been working on Christmas Eve since about September!  (Oh, and our next big feat is that Bethany Hamilton is going to be a guest speaker at our church on Jan. 22nd!  She's the young lady who was attacked by a Shark and the book/movie Soul Surfer is based on).
Another high light, my brother and SIL moved and we got to help!  (ha!)  That means I got to watch my nephew while my Bro and DH lifted heavy stuff.  Their new house is very nice, and closer, so we're excited for them.  But then, we all decided to spend the night on Christmas eve at their house, and while it was super fun while we were all awake, Macie did NOT sleep well.  Probably the second worst sleep of her life (seriously, not since she was a week old and breastfed 12 times in one night has she slept so poorly).  I think it was because we shared a room with her and she could see DH and I on the air-mattress.  So we were all SUPER tired all day on Christmas.  And I was too excited playing with my new phone to take a nap.  Oops.  Another highlight was that evening we shared a nice dinner with my Dad's family.  Despite the bad news I'm about to write, we seriously had a good time.  The bad news?  My dad was so drunk he didn't make it and my step mom said she's probably going to ask him to leave because his drinking is so out of control (he just recently came out of a month at B.etty Ford clinic by the way).  I'm pretty immune to my dad's alcoholic fiascos that it didn't phase me too much...but if you want to pray for him, that's about all I know to do anymore.  But in all seriousness, despite all of that, it was a nice Christmas.
Back to the highlights.  DH put up a new closet in Macie's big girl room, and was able to paint.  Tomorrow we're trading the double bed for a twin bed from some friends so that we can get ready to move her in there so our new little one will have a place to sleep when she comes in March.  Boy, March doesn't seem so far away anymore.  From now on, my appointments are every 2 weeks!  How did we already get to this place?!  She'll be here so soon!
And the last highlight (so far) is that DH and I got to spend 2 nights in Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary.  Macie stayed with her Nana and we got to take a short vacation.  It was nice. I read The He.lp  in its intirety and DH watched football.  We did some shopping, GOOD eating, and lots of napping.  It was nice, but more importantly, nice to come home to a happy daughter.  It's hard to go away, but I think for the sake of staying connected, these little overnight dates a few times a year are important.  It was really fun.
AND, tomorrow is New Years Eve and we're going to celebrate with friends.  Very much looking forward to it, but a little wary of how Macie will do.  We'll take the pack and play and be ready to hang out and leave whenever we need.

Okay, that's a long update, and hopefully there will be pictures soon.  Happy New Years!

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Once Upon A Time said...

I wish we got 2 full weeks of winter break. We get 1 and a day. It sounds like you got some great family time in though!