Monday, December 13, 2010

We have a bond

Have you ever met someone, and within a few minutes of conversation realized that this person probably went through IF too? That happened to me here at my new school site.
I had been a part of a few conversations with this woman who is married. I didn't know if she had kids or not. But then I heard her say something about waiting for adoption.
And wanting to be as healthy as possible.
Now to ther 'average' person, you might think, oh, she decided to adopt!
But of course, I went much further than that.
I wonder how long they've been trying to have kids. Maybe they couldn't have kids and maybe they've been through IVF. Maybe they already have kids and now they're adopting. Maybe IVF didn't work and now they're moving on to adoption.
So I got a chance to talk to this lady one on one, and I shared a little bit about Macie (not IVF, just that we tried for 3 years to have her). SHe didn't open up right away, but as soon as I said IVF, she lit up and told me she and her husband have been trying for years, and after 3 IVF attempts they decided to be done with that road and persue adoption.
I just knew it!
We decided to have lunch sometime to get to know each other, and even in those few minutes in the copier room I felt a compatibility. She even said, it's so great when you meet someone else who has been through this because no one can truely understand unless they have done this too.

So around every corner, you never know who you might bump into that knows the meaning of 'pupo', 'opk', '2ww', and 'bfp'.

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manymanymoons said...

It's so true. It feels like you've met an old friend once you realize you have that in common with someone. I'm sure she was so glad to be able to confide in you.