Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 Days until Christmas

I just thought I'd put it that way in case some of you didn't realize how quickly this holiday is sneaking up on us. 11 days.
Wow. Time has been going fast for a few years now. Sometimes I absolutely can't beleive this is my 10th year of teaching. How did that happen? I just turned 32 last week. How did that happen?
But then yesterday I got a treat in the mail. A package from my Grandmother. My 85 year old Grandmother made a Christmas Stocking for Macie. I almost cried. Not because it's so beautiful, but because time goes so fast. I love this woman. She always tries to make things as nice as possible for everyone. But it breaks my heart to know that Macie has a very short window to know her GG (great grandmother).
Time goes so fast. I wonder if GG thinks about that type of stuff. Or if she can share it with anyone. She is the primary caregiver for my grandfather (he's 84 and has parkinsons amoungst other health issues).
This is why I don't pay money to watch sad movies or dark movies. Life is full of enough pain as it is. Sometimes the pain is natural and healthy, but still painful.

11 days until Dec. 25th, 2010.

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manymanymoons said...

You will be so glad to have that stocking some day to give to her and explain who made it. It would be so difficult to go through the aging process with no one to talk to. Sounds like she is loving