Friday, December 17, 2010

Soooo Big!

Macie and an appointment on Wednesday to get the first part of her flu shot and we weighed her while at the office.
Um, my daughter is not hurting for size.
My little 7 month, 1 week old daughter is in the 95th percentile still for weight! She's 20.12 lbs! There are two year olds that size!
The good news is she's tall too, (28 inches - 99th percentile), so she's at least proportional. But wowzers.
Just to ask, how much were your little ones eating at 7 months? Right now she's on about 25 ounces of formula, 2 veggies (stage 2), 1 fruit (stage 2), and 2 1/4 cup bowls of cereal.
That's all she eats in a 24 hour period.
It's amazing how much genetics play into size (so I think). I was always off the charts as a baby, and Dh was also.
This from the same child who once had dropped all the way to 6 lbs 10 oz. a week after she was born!

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PJ said...

I so love the name Macie. :)

20.12 sounds great for 7 months! I think Addison is around 16 pounds or more and she just turned 6 months yesterday. Lauren is not the eater that Addison is, and she was 14.something a few weeks ago.

We are just experimenting with solids and I am honestly confused about where to go with it and how much. I think I'm going to do a post and see what people say. So far we've stuck with the 4 day rule and have tried rice cereal, butternut squash, bananas, sweet potatoes and apples. I've just been splitting the container between the girls, once a day.

Glad Macie is doing well and growing!