Monday, January 18, 2010

Thankful to be emotional

My last Dr. appointment was the Monday before Christmas. Tomorrow was supposed to be the next Dr. appointment, but with a new doctor in his practice because we're not huge fans of our first Doc.
Then I get a call today that our appointment for tomorrow has to be rescheduled. I didn't get a reason why, but I'd like to think that it's because she's giving excellent attention to a woman having last minute c-section or something that I would want her to do for me.
But I can't get another afternoon appointment until NEXT Tuesday. Now, it's not as bad as the first trimester, because at least now I can feel her move and all that goodness, but I just haven't felt much support from this dr's office. I am hoping that it was just the first doctor and that this new doctor is great, but this is a bad way to start.
Maybe it's because I feel like I have learned way more from books and blogs online (thats you ladies!) than I have from my doctor. If that was the only information I was getting, I would have no clue about what I should be expecting and what is happening to my body.
So I called back just now and left a message that I'll take a day off if I need to in order to get a sooner appointment. DH agrees. We just want to be proactive here, and make sure things are still going okay.

And as a side note, I had 3 major emotional attacks (read: ugly crying) over nothing from Friday night to Saturday. Is this what I have to look forward to? It just felt so good to cry. And even a rescheduled doctors appointment has made me want to cry! These hormones are for the birds (or the babies apparently).

Here we go again! Thankful to be emotional, but emotional about it!

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