Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Large Speculum


Okay so today was the transfer. Showed up at 1 and they were behind, so we didn't even get back to the room until close to two. I think this time my lady business was much more aggitated before hand because I've had a rediculous amount of suppositories going on in there for the past two weeks. Or maybe it was because he used... THE LARGE SPECULUM!
Okay, let's just talk about it. This is TMI, so read at your own risk. I was a virgin when I got married. And previous to being 27, whenever I was up for a pap smear I would remind my primary care physician of this. She would use the peeds speculum (which makes me sad that there even IS a pediatric speculum, but that's another post for another day I guess).
So then I get married and we all know how 'el amor' works. But the Large Speculum? I haven't had any children! Things aren't THAT stretched out down there. What happened to medium? (I'm tempted to make a joke about how HUGE my dh is, but again, this post is already TMI. I warned you though.)
Okay, so in case you forgot, and excuse my ramblings, but the reason for the speculum is because today was our FET! And I must say, it hurt like a mo fo. Or perhaps a more ladylike thing to say is that it hurt more than I remember from our fresh cycle a few months ago. I really think most of my pain was from that stupid speculum. Have I ranted enough about it? Good, let's get to the interesting stuff.
They defrosted 3 embryos.
Before freezing there was a 5 cell, and 2 8 cells.
After defrost they turned into a 4 cell, a 5 cell and a 7 cell. The doc said that anything that comes out with at least half of the original cells is considered viable. So we went with all 3.
I'm not even going to talk about triplets yet. I'm going to concentrate on getting knocked up in general. Let's get that going.
So besides the pain that I didn't tell the doctor about (because really, I know I'm in pain, and as I lay there on the table I kept thinking that going through labor will be a lot worse so I just got over it), he said everything looked good. I laid down for 20 minutes in the recovery room and then we walked out.
So now I'm on bedrest for 3-5 days. I'm not going to be as strict as I was last time, mostly for my own sanity, but I am taking the first couple days pretty easy. DH and I are going to a wedding on Saturday and I plan on just sitting down the whole time. It should be pretty easy I think to avoid much activity.
So we're hoping and praying over here, and looking forward to good news in two weeks.
Let's get Knocked up in '09!


FaithJoy said...

bring on that BFP in Jesus name!!! :)

Earl Gearl said...

I had no idea that there were different sizes of speculums. It makes sense, I just never thought about it.

Congrats on being PUPO. I'm excited for you and I'm hoping a whole lot for you!!!

ashley moon said...

I am praying for you.

Flower said...

Praying that your BFP is just around the corner.

Gabby said...

thanks for the details of your FET - mine is towards the end of the month - hang in there the next few days! can't wait to hear news of the BFP.

Nichole said...

Crossing my fingers and toes for you! Have fun this weekend and I will be praying for your BFP to come from this!

Angelwingsbaby said...

I am hoping you get your BFP! Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

oh my, that large speculum sounds horrid! at least you made through and are currently housing 3 embryos! how very exciting!

Ashley said...

Good Luck!!

Pixiemrrr said...

large is not the size of the width. the sizes are the length to the back of your cervix. so doing a procedure, they might need clearer access. so dont stress, about the size. you cant change the your length good luck :)

I Believe in Miracles said...

crossing fingers and saying a prayer for you right now!! ~~HUGS~~

Mel said...

I've been the victim of the large speculum before's just longer than the "small" one. But trust me, you don't want something too small or it pinches like crazy! Bigger youch!

Sending up prayers for your transfer! *hugs*