Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An IUI for 1

So, the IUI is done, complete, and now it's up to the little guys to grab onto the egg and attack!

Everything went well. At the follicle check on Monday I was suprised to find 1 egg at 21mm. I'm pleased because there isn't that crazy fear of "oh my word, how am I going to take 3 babies to the grocery store!" but disappointed because the odds aren't quite as good with only one taker. But I am acutely aware that, "it only takes one good egg...".
So I'll take it.
Yesterday DH and I each took off from work early and at 11:30, he did his part (and he was really surprised there were actual magazines. The other places he's 'done it' have been regular bathrooms. ew.) and we had a quick lunch and around 3:00 they were ready for me. The nurse offered me some sort of pain medication which I was surprised by because I didn't think the IUI was going to hurt. I declined it because I had somewhere to be that night and while I didn't particulalry like the HSG, I figured this wouldn't even be that bad. So I emptied my bladder, Identified the sperm and we were off to the races.
DH's numbers were great. Really. Rediculously good. I say this not to brag, but once again to wonder "then WHY AREN'T WE PREGNANT YET!?". (I only wonder that loud in my head, I'm really very soft spoken.).
So then we came home and I put my feet up for an hour or so and then I had band practice for church. All was well until we got to 'Sing, Sing, Sing'. You see our church is celebrating our one year anniversary and we're putting on a worship/celebration night next weekend. And the band director thinks it would be cool if during the band breaks the whole band jumped up and down. Um, that is really hard for a guitar player trying to keep rhythem, but htat's a whole other issue. So we were having fun and before long I realized...
AM I CRAZY?! I'VE BEEN INSEMINATED? AM I JUMPING UP AND DOWN? Fortunately that was the final song of the evening, so I packed up and cried all the way home thinking I just shook my husbands swimmers loose.
What a maroon. I told you ladies the clomid affected me this month! Crying like a baby and feeling like a bad mother before I've even had a child! Heck, before I'm even knocked up! I didn't know it was possible to have guilt about something that hadn't even happened yet.
So I calmed down and laughed at myself with DH. Then I went to bed!

Today I had to report for Jury duty. I didn't get on a case, but I think inspite of everything I've written, God has his hand in this. Even if this isn't our month, it was good to be able to go through the IUI process and not have to back out at the last minute (as I would've had to do if I had been summoned to report yesterday).

I'll look forward to staying busy during this 2ww, and catching up on all of your stories!


Alex and Jill said...

So happy to hear it went well! My nurse tells me after each can't shake, pee, dance them out, so I'm sure you're fine. :)

Praying this is THE ONE for you guys!!


Shelby said...

Good luck on the IUI! I hope this is the month for you!

Cathy said...

I am a pretty hard sneezer and I always worry about that, especially during the 2 ww. Logically I know that bodies are used to that type of thing and adapt, but emotionally I get worried that I might have messed something up!

I am sure you are going through the same thing. Just live your life as you normally do and hopefully it will work out, I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

Michelle said...

I wish you LOTS of BFP dust coming your way!

I Believe in Miracles said...

So I'll echo Jill's comment - I also was told you can move around a lot, and it won't matter. Just don't go out and run afterward.

Praying for you.


Leslie Laine said...

EXCITING!! So glad to hear that everything went well and that jury duty didn't interfere!

Hope this is it!! Congrats on the great count!

Miss Mac said...

Hi! I think IUI & Praise & Worship on the same day is a perfect combination:] Good Luck!

Bec said...

Wishing you the best for this cycle, and that the TWW turns into a 9mw :)

Scrambled Egg said...

I tripped across your blog from another IF'er and just wanted to wish you the best of luck! Crossing my fingers! We're doing our first IUI this week, so I'll be joining you in the wait soon.

Anonymous said...