Sunday, November 6, 2011

55 Dollars

It's amazing what you can do with 55 dollars...
You can eat a nice meal with your spouse. 
You can fill up a small tank of gas in your car.
You can have your dog groomed.
You can find out the gender of your baby!

Looks like Macie will be having a sister in March!  I was going to try to wait until our next Dr. Appointment in a few weeks and ask for a gender confirming ultrasound, but yesterday we were gathered with family, and we had lots of stuff to catch up on.  My brother and SIL are moving - they finally sold their house.  We were discussing the holidays, my father being in rehab (which is a good thing), and I just got this overwhelming urge to find the gender.  So I made a joke, "I have half a mind to go to pr.enatal pe.ek and find out the gender".  The whole room (including DH) said "okay!".  So before I knew it people had looked up the phone number on their iphones and I was calling, they said "Come in now", and 55 dollars later, we saw our little girl!

I still mean it when I say that I couldn't be dissapointed.  I just want a healthy baby.  And that's sooooo true.  But golly, I'm excited when I look at all the nice stuff Macie has (bedding, blankets, CLOTHES) and I think that I am grateful that I get to re-use them.  I didn't grow up with a sister, but I always thought it would be fun.  DH said he's going to start a Ram.sey enevelope for femine hygene products.  Ha. (holler if you have drinking from the FPU/D.ave Ramsey coolaide!).

So I have been a terrible blogger as of late (what can I say, teaching 4 classes, plus raising an 18 month old (tomorrow she'll be a year and a half!, and being 20 weeks pregnant has taken most of my energy).  If it weren't for daylight savings time I don't know if I would've have even had a moment for this post!
Here is the big sister in her crib.  I love that she looks like she's posing in this picture. 


Anonymous said...

Wow congrats ;)

Ashley said...

Congrats!!! I always wanted a sister, as well. They'll have so much fun growing up together!

Becca said...

Congratulations!! I DID grow up with sisters. In fact, I am the "baby" of 4 girls!! (no boys for my parents) And I am here to tell you that your girls will have a relationship like no other in the world! Sure, they will fight, and make-up and fight again... but at the end of the day... Sisters are your FIRST best friends and that never changes!!!

I'm guessing it's probably the same for brothers,too! =)

Congrats again! XOXO God bless

I Believe in Miracles said...

Yeah for little girls!! Congrats!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Congrats, how exciting!!