Thursday, June 23, 2011

All About Macie!

Macie is 13 1/2 months, and I just feel like time is going so quickly.  This is my documentation of all things Macie at this stage.
Macie has been taking steps since 9 months and walking well since 10 months. 
She currently calls almost everyone 'Dada' or 'hidada'.  It's cute, but I'm still trying to get a mama out of her directed towards me.  Ha.
Her first word was "agua" which is spanish for Water.  We're trying to teach her both english and spanish, but I know we need to be speaking more spanish at home than we do. 
Other words are 'touch' (it sounds like ta-ch), hi (usually hidada), ca for car, ka-ka for coffee (and in turn, all hot beverages).
Sign language words are more, please, all done, water, milk.

I admit, I wonder if because she's got 3 lanugages (including sign) that she's not speaking as much as she 'should'.  She has never even tried to speak please or more because the signing gets the point across so well.

She communicates well, if you ask her where something is, she'll usually point.  She knows who mom, dad, nana, and uncle Jim are.  And her dogs, Gipper and Nancy.
When she's really tired she'll start acting drunk and that's how we know to put her to bed.  She'll walk around in circles until she falls down, she'll get slap happy, and she starts to tickle EVERYONE.  It's really my favorite time of day.
At 13 1/2 months she is still taking two naps.  Generally one from 9-11 and then another one from 2-4 (or 3-4).  She goes to bed around 8 and gets up around 7.   well, those are the times she's in her crib.  She may actually wake up before 7, but she plays nicely and doesn't scream so I leave her in there until 7. 

Macie eats breakfast when she gets up, this week che.erios and bananas do the trick.  Lunch is when she wakes up from her morning nap, pb&j or girlled cheese are lunch time staples (with a healthy dose of cottage cheese since she doesn't drink a lot of milk these days).  Sometimes a snack when she wakes up from her afternoon nap, and then family dinner around 6.  She still takes a bottle of 8-10 oz of whole milk before going to bed, but she's less and less interested in that and it's just breaking my heart!  I love the cuddle time the bottles gave us, and I'm sad to see it go.  She weaned herself off the morning bottle just about a few weeks ago, and we stopped the lunch/dinner bottles after her birthday.
Macie drinks all liquids from a straw (beside the before bed bottle).  She never took to a sippy cup, and I'm so happy with the straw I just don't want to try the sippy cup again.

This little girl is a huge blessing and staying home with her for the summer is my own personal blessing.  I will say that it's not always easy.  Just this week we've had what i would consider her first full-blown tantrum (she wanted a cracker before her milk and that's not how we operate in this house!).  I know there are tough times a head, but she is so sweet and I'm so honored to be entrusted to take care of her that I can honestly say every moment is worth it.

That's all for now, just want to have some good documentation of how my little one was at 13 months.  Happy Thursday to you all.


Deanna said...

I remember in my early childhood classes learning that children who are bilingual or bilingual at home usually start talking later, but when they do, they're more immediately fluent. Of course, I don't have the studies that reference this with me. :)

Sounds like she's growing so fast! Congrats!

PJ said...

Love this post! SO happy summer is here!!! Finally! I went to a party with work people tonight and I was annoyed that they wanted to talk about work! Give me a trashy novel and let me nap with my girls!

Sounds like she's doing great! Mine are not really talking at 12 months and 1 week. I think, perhaps, maybe Lauren is saying mama and dada, but it's hard to decipher if that is just part of her babyspeak. Addison has just really started making a lot of consonant vowel sounds.

I wish I'd have done the baby sign language thing. I still might...

It's good to hear that she takes two naps. Mine get up at 6 and are about to fall over asleep by 9:00.

I'll have to try grilled cheese!