Thursday, May 5, 2011


Okay, so I'm ready to try.
I'm ready to TRY to have a second baby.
It hasn't been as fast of a desire as I thought it would be. I thought I would LOVE to be PG again right away. Until I realized how tired a baby can make you. And how I keep hearing that going from 1 to 2 children is harder than 0 to 1! (do you guys agree? Input please!)

So this month we are officially trying. And I have lots of thoughts about that which I'm sure will be a few more posts (you're welcome), but my first thought is kind of weird and it's about bd-ing: baby dancing (that's se.x for those of you who are new to the lingo).

Before we got pregnant with Macie, our pastor was preaching on marriage and how important se.x is. How it is a great temptation to do it before you get marriage, but a greater temptation NOT to after you're married. So he challenged the congregation to have se.x every single day for a week.
At the time we were going through treatments, and AF was in town, so we just didn't. And I have always remembered that we didn't.
THEN, partner that with bd-ing. Does se.x equal a baby? We did get pg last month (and lost it) so maybe it's possible that we can be successful.

Does anyone see where I'm going with this?
DH and I talked about this last night and he is on board (not a surprise), and from this Sunday to next Sunday we're going to be intimate every day. It's two fold. I think it'll be good for our marriage and...maybe, just maybe... God will choose this to be the time to get PG with another baby.

Anywho, when we first were trying, a number of people said, "just have se.x every day for the whole month". And we never did. So my next thought is, did you? You don't have to describe it, but I'm curious if I'm the only one who never did every day. The Dr.'s suggested every other day, and we did that, but not every day.

And my next let me challenge you girls to do the same! I'd love to know if any of you want to try. It's like national 'work on your marriage week! I think our husbands would love it. But, make sure your husband knows that it's not just his week to get lucky. The husbands need to make sure the wives are in the mood, and help out around the house so the women can have a chance to enjoy the se.x, not just check it off the list.

Controversy! I want to know your thoughts!

Edited to add: The pastor challenged the Married Couples to do it. If you're single, probably having se.x 7 days in a row might not be the best idea a pastor ever had. Funny.


PJ said...

What about ovulation predictor kits? Just seems more scientific than doing it every day. And... I can't imagine fitting that in every day (or being in the mood, really). Or even, a lot of times I'm in the mood but SO tired. Oversharing, I'm sure... but it's our reality. It is worth every yawn and bloodshot eye though, I promise. :)

Ashley said...

Did you hear about the couple who had sex everyday for a year?? I can't imagine! One of my friends told me she got pregnant after BD'ing 7 times in 1 day! Don't think I want to try that- lol! Have fun!!

Jackie said...

I read this article yesterday and it seemed to fit what your talking about, not just baby making but abundance of se.x. I'm going to give my hubby 40 Beads for his birthday next month, because I think it is the right thing to do.

p.s. god bless the baby making efforts, I hope He grants you your hearts desire. Don't worry about the tired with two as opposed to one thing because God will give you the strength you need for each new day. Remember His mercy is new EVERY morning!

Mel said...

Our old church did this challenge 2 2 years ago. Now I am wondering where you live! The pastor made national headlines over it. We didn't "partake" in the challenge at the time because I was hugely pregnant and, let's face it, it wasn't going to happen.

When we started trying for our second, we agreed we would make it purely romance. I bought a few bottles of wine and never even walked down the OPK aisle. We just made love when we felt like it, which surprisingly was OFTEN. (Also, for what it is worth, my RE was a big believer in every day sex unless the husband has some major sperm issue(s)).

Have FUN!!!