Friday, May 13, 2011

Peak and Pit

This week the peak had to be last Saturday, because my baby girl turned 1!
There are about 500 pictures I have to go through before I can even begin to post them, so I'll try to get to that later. We had a blast, it was a cowgirl theme, and the girl loved her cake (was there any doubt?). There were all kinds of surprises and it was a terrific day. I also realized how much better things are if I let people help me instead of trying to micro-manage every part of a party. Bring on the help!
Our girl had her Dr. appt. yesterday for her 12 month/1 year visit. While everything was great, I, er, she had to endure five shots! And we were told she could have a reaction up to 5 days later! So now comes the point of just watching her and making sure she is in tip top shape. She's also busting through her first molar, so that could cause a cranky child as well. Boo.

Her 12 month stats are:
Height: 31 1/4 inches (almost 10 inches in one year! Could you imagine if adults still grew that much!?) - 95th %
Weight: 24 lbs, 5 oz. 9th%
Head: 95th%

Did I mention our girl is not small? She's got most of the milestones reached, except she's not saying mama and dada yet. She says mamamammamam and Dadadadadada, but she hasn't quite said them to us. She knows what they mean, but she just hasn't spoken them. I'm wondering if the multiple languages is affecting that. I just mean that DH is teaching her spanish, I'm teaching her English, and we all teaching her baby sign language. I think it's just a lot for her to process. When did your little one's start saying mama and dada?

How was your week this week? What was the 'peak' and 'pit'?

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