Saturday, December 5, 2009

Almost 19 weeks and Thigh Pain!

It starts slowly. Just kind of like an ache. By the night, it feels like a huge muscle ache and everytime I get up to walk, it feels like between my upper thigh and knee someone is pulling my muscle back like a giant rubber band.
I've looked it up. It's not showing any signs of being a blod clot, but it is showing a lot of signs of being sciatica. I have no medical diagnosis, but essentially, I'm finding it's random, normal, and either walking or laying down will help.
Why is that helpful to know? It's like the two solutions are the exact opposite of each other. Yikes! I know I can take tyl.enol to help, and I probably should've in the middle of the night last night just to help me with the pain, but I didn't and this morning it feels better. This is the second time this has happened (the other was about 2 weeks ago) and it went away after a few days. But since I haven't taken a lick of medicine since being knocked up - (ahem, that is aside from the pounds of PIO/Estrace/Baby Asprin/prenatal vitamins...those little things), I'm not sure I'm ready to break the seal on the Tyle.nol. Not that I think I'll be hurting 'Sam'*, but that once I start taking medicine I may take it too often. Even in general I try hard not to take medicine unless I really, REALLY need it (but ironically, I'm fired up for an edpidural...go figure).
So that's my thigh pain. This morning it feels better, but I was an achy mess last night.

Thigh pain? Anyone else? Routine pregnancy cramping of leg?

AND tomorrow is 19 weeks! Monday is our big ultrasound. I'm super excited, but of course, the worry starts as soon as I get close to an appointment. I'm feeling a lot of action in my uterus or 'the chateau' as my husband likes to call it, but I can't quite label anything as movement. I often feel a swirly pain, but it's not like a happy butterfly, it's like a butterfly movement that is 'almost' painful. is that right?
Is the 'gas' description like 'gas bubbles'? I've got a lot of that, but I've got a lot of gas too.
Lots of action though. Things are definately going on.

I'll keep up up dated as I find out info. Hopefully we'll know if Sam is a boy or a girl on Monday!

*Sam is not the name of the baby. In the story of Hannah in the Bible she prays for her baby and when she is blessed she names him Samuel, which means, I asked God for him. So we figure while in Utero, "Sam" is a perfect gender-neutral name. Because boy, did we ever ask for him/her!

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