Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Too Long!

Hello out there... Hello... Anyone there?
This blog is so boring when I'm not complaining about being infertile.
So here's the latest...
Yesterday was my 30th birthday. It was great. Last weekend my DH and I went to Las Vegas. We stayed at the at mand.alay bay. It was really fun! I hadn't been to Las Vegas ever as an adult (meaning we didn't stay at someone's parents house for free and go to the Saharah for Dollar Black jack).
We ditched work on Friday (woo hoo!) and drove out on Thursday after school. It only took about 3 1/2 hours. I can't imagine sitting in traffic again to do that on a holiday weekend.
We didn't do anything Thursday night we were so tired from the week and Thanksgiving.
Friday we walked up and down the strip just people watching and trying to avoid the porn on the streets. And I discovered... video poker. Um, can I just say, 'awesome'. I am a pro (a pro that ended with 33 dollars less than we she started the weekend).
Friday night we ate at steak.craft - the restaurant owned by Tom from Top Che.f (if you watch that, it's a great show). It was a fancy meal and served as a great birtdhday gift from my dh.
Saturday we slept in (which for teachers means laying in bed until 7:30... I can't sleep in anymore!) and played the slots a bit waiting for my brother and sister in law to arrive. They came for just Saturday night to watch Bette Mid.dler with us. Bette was very entertaining, although there was this section in the middle where she was a mermaid for about 20 minutes. That wasn't so great. But other than that, I really thought her show was great.
Sunday we hung out and then drove back in the afternoon. Overall, a great weekend.

Then last night my mom had some of my family over for a 'small' party. It was fun. I haven't had an actual birthday 'party' for a while. I like to do things, but rarely just let people bake me food and bring me presents. I've got to remember that for next year, it was awesome!

Now I find myself waiting anxiously for the next two weeks to be over and for christmas break to be here. I'm also waiting anxiously for the weekend to see if I'm finally pg. I'm hoping a little, but I'm trying really hard not to let myself even think about it (right). I'm not even flipping back the calendar to see when AF is due. Maybe that's why I haven't posted a bunch lately. I'm trying to hold on. The plan is still to do an IUI in January (because in December I'll be out of town during ovulation - getting it on at Grandma's house is going to be interesting, although it has been done before (ha!).

There's more but other than that things are going really well and I'm looking forward to the weekend.
I'm still following all of you ladies' blogs, but I can't comment from google reader since blogspot is blocked, but I'm praying for you guys and think about your struggles (and successes!) often.

Alright, the bed is calling...


Nichole said...

I am so glad you posted an update! Sounds like you have been very busy! Hang in there and I will be praying for you this week!

Hope2morrow said...

What fun you ahd, and only spending $33? That's awesome! Sounds like the weekend was eventful and fun. Hang in there; you are doing great!

I Believe in Miracles said...

You are too cute! I'm glad to hear you had a great time. :o)
Hang in there. Crossing my fingers for you this weekend.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Happy {late} Birthday!

Sounds like you had a grea time.

I surely hope you get great news this weekend..that timing would be awesome!

CTagsGirl said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to you! Sounds like you guys had a blast in Vegas. :) What a great way to celebrate, relax and jump start the holiday season.

Happy to have you back in blog-land for an update. I feel your pain with not being able to post/comment at's rough!

Alex & Jill said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading and I wanted to drop by and check on you! Any news??? :)