Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well Hello!
I'm back... from outter space? No, the holiday's are here! These last few weeks at work were incredibly busy (when is teaching not busy?) and finally Christmas is here!
A rundown of events the last few weeks:

BFN - at this point I don't know what else to expect. The Dong Qu*ai only succeeded in making me constipated

Unable to do an IUI this month because I will be in Nor Cal for the week that I would be inseminated. So hopefully next month (see below)

Summoned for Jury Duty Jan 20th. That is the first day of the new semester at work (and I teach Civics which is a senior semester course, so that means potentially my first day with 80 new students there will be a sub - yuk!) AND, if my calculations are correct, that is when my next cycle should start. Can I use infertility as an excuse to get out of jury duty? It seems like that should be fair game, because our plan to do an IUI wouldn't work if I can't get to the dr's office until well after their closed. Pooh.

I do want to say some HUGE congratulations to all of you who have gotten BFP's! I am so glad you shared your journey's with us and hope you continue to do so.

Alright, I'm heading to Grandma's house tomorrow and there is no internet there (can you imagine?) so I'll be looking forward to reading more awesome stories when I get back. Take care ladies and I'll be checking in periodically!

Here's to Knocked up '09!


CTagsGirl said...

I don't fault you for your comments about all! You are completely entitled to own all of those feelings. *hugs*

Boooo hiss for jury duty! I don't think it could hurt to ask for a medical exception...? Either that or act really crazy when they go through the actual selection process. Talk lots about your gun collection and deep dislike of government. Ok, so I'm only kidding. I don't want YOU to end up in jail! :)

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a fertile new year!

I Believe in Miracles said...

You've been missed dear friend!

Can you switch your jury duty date? In MA you have one defer allowed, then you have to serve.

I think your SIL stories are funny. I like hearing about her drama. Granted I was one who acted fast. I was into the GYN's office at 5 months, but I had already had documented spotting for 2 years on BCP and so I started the process early. I was officially diagnosed as "unexplained IF" at 10 months. We had to wait 2 months for the insurance approval of 1 year trying to do our IUIs.

BUT I didn't go around complaining about IF until that 1 year was up. I didn't really think I qualified. Sometimes I still don't think I do.

I can't believe how INSENSITIVE she's being. Makes me want to do something mean.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a very special 2009!


Miss Mac said...

Hello! Happy New Year... hope the new semester goes smooth- if you can't get out of jury duty, the best you can do is get a good sub. & load them up with work:] Here's to BFPs in 2009!!!

Leslie Laine said...

Seriously, if you ever want to talk SILs, I am your girl!! I completely understand what you're saying and will never tire of reading your stories about it. I have a similar situation and will be writing a post sometime soon entitled "The Sister in Law Scare" as she has been hinting that she might be pregnant to me (and she is very aware of what we're going through), although she can't imagine that she would be because they're "not planning on it". UGH!!

Anyway, feel free to vent all you want and don't apologize. That's what your blog is for and we're all here to listen! And, trust me, I love listening to your SIL stories!

Hang in there - looking forward to hearing more from you in 2009, hopefully about a BFP!!