Thursday, February 26, 2015

18 Weeks

Today is the day of our big ultrasound.  I am so excited to see this little one again.  Hopefully we can find out the gender so I can get going on figuring out what to do with the nursery.  Either way I am itching to repaint and redecorate but obviously a lot depends on what we're having.  
We have a 3 bedroom house (which I love) but this means the girls will be sharing.  I think they're excited, but we haven't officially told them it's happening.  They constantly ask for a 'sleepover' during nap time (which I haven't done) so at least the idea of sharing is in their minds.

Part of me is already nesting.  I'm finally getting a little energy back (although I'm still falling asleep at 8:30 - which my husband is NOT a fan of.  ha) and each day I'm trying to attack one thing that needs to get done.  I cleaned out the armoire in our room the other day and I decided it was time to say goodbye to the VHS tapes I had saved.  We don't even have a working VHS player, so it's not too hard of a decision, but I was surprised when I posted this picture on facebook how many people were happy to have the movies - apparently the VHS player is not dead!  

Other than baby, we're just busy living life.  Ever since watching Charlie Brown Christmas Macie and Penny have been talking about ice skating.  Here in Southern California there are very limited opportunities to do that, so I saw the city was offering 5 saturdays of lessons for 62 I signed them up.  Last week was their first week. They spent 30 minutes crossing the ice 4 times.  It was adorable to watch.  I'm already looking forward to this Saturday.  

I hope you guys are doing well and I'll try to update when I can ... hopefully the gender of baby!  I'll be having a full caffeinated beverage on the way to the appointment in hopes of making sure this little one is moving!

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