Thursday, January 31, 2013

Family Picture Time

 The past few years, nothing has made me feel more like a 'mom' than making my family dress up for pictures.  I think it's just something that only a mother would make you do, but I have loved it.  This year we had a tough time - it was super cold, we couldn't find the photographer at the right park, and the sunlight was fading quickly....AND, Macie saw the lollipop I was going to give her at the end of the photo shoot, and she   If you saw the Christmas card on a previous post, that should explain some of the tears.  I think we got some good photos inspite of the tears, but I learned some lessons for next year:  Take pictures before time changes so we've got more daylight to work with; Pick a place closer to our home where we are familiar so we don't have to rely on our phones to get us to the right place; let her have the lollipop sooner (or just skip the after photo treat).  That being said,  my girls are beautiful (brag much?) and I love being their mommy.   I only pray they know Jesus from a young age. 

 This is an actual dress from my childhood.  She calls it her 'Princess Dress'.  Does that make my dress vintage?!
Only one of a few where we're all *almost* looking at the camera.
 This is one happy girl.  What a delight and I can't believe she's already 10 months old.  I can't belive her eyes are so blue also.  She's not quite taking steps, but she's highly mobile.
I love this picture.  She was getting a gentle 'talking to' but the moment looks so serene, instead of the time-out I was likely threatening.  But I do love it.

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These pictures make me so happy!