Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Run of the Mill

Summer is a really fun time around here.  But seriously, busy.  Our typical days go something like this:
Dad up: 5 Am - workout
Mom up: 6:30 am - drink coffee
Macie up: between 7 and 8.  I'm hoping more for  the 8, sleeping in would be fabulous!
Penelope up: between 6:30 and 8.  Usually she wakes up around 6, but if I let her talk for just a few minutes, she'll fall back asleep.  A number of times I've gone in there at 8 and I've had to actually wake her back up.
Dad goes to work around 7.  Momma tries to get a few chores done before the girls get up.  Sometimes more successfully then others.
Macie breakfast, Penelope breakfast.  8 am is the only feeding that I don't have to supplement, I have enough milk.  That is nice.  The other feedings I have to supplement with around 3-4 ounces of formula.
After breakfast for everyone I have decisions to make.  Do we venture out?  Do we do chores?  Do we excersize?  This changes day by day, and I've found that I've actually saved quite a bit of  money this summer, because I don't leave the house the way I used to.  And I'm grateful I don't have too much cabin fever.  Now, trips to Tar.get are more of a big deal, so we make that our actual outing.  So my Dave Ramsey envelopes are more full than they used to be!  Ha.
Then it's feed Penny at 11, snack for Macie around 10 or 10:30 (or not if all if she is busy playing and doesn't ask for one).  Once Penny is done eating I start thinking of lunch for Macie and I.  Usually PB&J or something like that.  Then it's play and read for Macie, Penelope plays on her 'mat' quite a bit.  And she enjoys the swing...these are all places you'll find her.  Macie goes down for a nap around 1 (depending on how much energy she's burned off in the morning, but always a nap) and gets up between 3 and 4.  No, she doesn't actually sleep the whole time, but she plays quietly in her bed, so I sometimes feel like the luckiest.mom.in.the.world.  Because after Penelope eats at 2, I can sometimes get her to take a nap, and I get 30 glorious minutes to myself in the afternoon.  And how do I spend it?  Trying to decide what to do of course.  Yesterday I did 20 minutes of the dan.cing with the stars DVD workout I bought years ago.  It was good, but my feet are sore today.
Then Macie's up, Penny eats at 5, time to make dinner.  Somewhere in there Dad gets home, we eat dinner, play a little and then bathtime, read time and Macie's in bed at 8 and Penny is eating 2nd dinner at 8.  The only bummer is that I am still mourning the time I used to have once Macie was asleep.  Put her to bed at 8, boom, rest of the night is ours.  But Penelope is a fantastic child, so I hate to complain, but that girl can take up to an HOUR to eat her milk.  And I hate to skimp on it, because she doesn't eat in the middle of the night, so I don't want her to be starving when she wakes up.  So she doesn't always go to bed until about 9:30. 
Here are some pictures for this incredibly boring post:

My little cutie!
 Reading at Bedtime
And of course, some staged fourth of july pictures.  Macie had an adorable cowgirl hat, but it was SO hard to keep in on her for pictures.  Anyone else have that problem?

So I just took pictures of her throwing the hat.  Probably not the smartest mom moment, but make lemons, right?

That's our run of the mill day.  Penelope will be 4 months on Monday (how did THAT happen!?) and Macie is 26 months.  I love these girls with all my heart, and I can't believe I get to be their momma.  What a huge blessing it is.


WantWait&Pray said...

Hi, I'm in your shoes with young ones.....I have twins that turned two in May and a 9 month old. Everyone has their own schedule but I started to revise the schedules so that naps coordinated and life is MUCH different!!!
Obviously every child is different...but thought I'd share our schedule just because sometimes it's helpful to see what other people do:
6:45- Ruby wakes but stays in crib talking and playing until 7:15 or 7:30.
7:30- Bottle
8:15- Hudson and Harper (2 year old twins) up
9:15- Ruby down for a nap
11:00- Ruby awake from Nap and Bottle
12:00- Twins eat Lunch
12:45- Twins go down for nap
1:00- Ruby goes down for nap
FREE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
3:00- Ruby gets woken from nap and gets 3rd bottle of the day
3:15- Twins usually wake up
5:45/6pm- Dinner
7:00- Ruby gets Bottle and goes to bed
7:30- Twins go to bed

Just a suggestion....but this works good for us now and started working great around 3.5 months. Ruby used to have a short 30 minute nap around 5pm-5:30 but we dropped it around 6 months and now she's on a 2 long nap schedule.
I am NOT saying what you're doing is not right (please don't take offense) but with 3 kiddo's under 2 years.....having their naps overlap for 2+ hours is AMAZING and needed in this house!!! :-) Your girls are beautiful....and love their names!

PJ said...

First, that cover photo of Macie and Penelope is ADORABLE! Macie has grown so much!

I loved reading about your day! I always wonder how other moms spend their days during the summer, because geez it's like a big blank slate compared to the structure of working/teaching.

One thing I can say about having twins is that at least they were always on the same schedule. I think it would be hard to have two on different schedules.

I'm with you, always hoping mine will sleep until at least 8! They nap at 1 (usually 1-3) and go to bed around 8-8:30. We've been getting out a ton more than last summer when they weren't even walking but I am still nervous in public by myself unless they are in the stroller. Lauren thinks it's great fun to RUN from me!

My girls are very anti-hat. Even super cute sunhats. Sigh...

Yay for summer! Glad you're enjoying yours.

I Believe in Miracles said...

It does go SOOO fast. I'm so excited for you - I'm glad things are going well and you're enjoying your summer, even if life is slowing down ;)